Sassy Pet Saks

Douglas Sassy Pet Saks are a fashionable toy for every girl. Each includes a handbag and stuffed pet toy. 27 styles available.

Super-cute and super-stylish! There is nothing difficult about these adorable little purses. Turn them over to the little girls in your life and watch the fun begin!

Sassy Pet Saks are made well to last long. Like all plush, you’ll want to spot clean – and try to avoid the washing machine. The more play any plush goes through the more wear you’ll see. If you have a daughter who is gentle on her toys there should be no major concerns.

Five stars is just not enough with these adorable little bags and animals. The bags are absolutely adorable, and are even fashioned after some of Moms favorite styles. And the animals are super-cute. Well done!

Sassy Pet Saks are simple bags with simple stuffed animals. They are great for dress-up and pretend play – but there is no major functionality to them.

Our parents were asked how much they anticipated the cost of Sassy Pet Sacks to be – and most were between $10 and $15. With an actual retail price of $15 or less – they were well within the range.

Sassy Pet Saks are a cute new twist to the world of plush, but they don’t bring anything brand new to the table. That’s not to say our girls didn’t love them, but some had seen similar style items before.

Overall Sassy Pet Saks earned a solid four stars from our team of reviewers. Pricing can get a bit expensive on the high end, but certainly fair on the low end. And the designs are just super-cute. Our little girls loved them! A carry bag and an adorable stuffed animal all in one, Sassy Pet Saks were a hit with us, and should be a hit with your little girl!
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Manufacturer: Douglas Company
Recommended Age: 3 - 9 years
Retail Price: $15.00 and under
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