Calafant Treehouse Kids Arts and Crafts Product Review Build Your Own Treehouse from Cardboard


Every child dreams of having a treehouse – before you build one in the yard, start with this beautiful treehouse from quality cardboard. Easy to put together, lots of room for creative decoration. Approximate size: 15″ x 16″ x 22″

Made for children ages 3 and up, the Treehouse from Calafant is not exactly something you can just hand over to someone of that age and expect to end up with anything but a pile of cardboard! Parental involvement is definitely required for younger children. With that said, putting the treehouse together is a fun activity that parents and kids can enjoy together. Decorating is fun too, but same story, you’ll want to work with your kids on this one.

Made of cardboard the Calafant Treehouse is definitely eco-friendly, but it is not exactly durable. If you have young children who are rough on their toys, you’ll need to make sure they are careful with this or it will not last. Depending if you paint it or color it with markers, you’ll want to make sure the cardboard also has plenty of time to dry prior to assembly. If you have children that are a little more rambunctious with their toys we recommend you put the Calafant Treehouse up and out of the way after you finish building it when the kids aren’t playing with it.

Top notch visual appeal. Out of the box the Calafant Treehouse just looks like fun to work on. And yes, we know it is white if you don’t color it. But coloring or painting is half the fun! Decorate the treehouse just how you and the kids dream of. When you finish the project you’ll have a beautiful treehouse and a happy child!

Delivered in essentially a flat box, the function of the treehouse comes in the building of and decorating. After that your kids will need to rely on their imagination for playtime – and if they are too imaginative they may damage it with their fun. The treehouse is fun to build and decorate, but beyond that there is no additional functionality.

In a blind survey we priced the Calafant Treehouse right around $20. With an actual retail price of just under $25, this is one art project that is a bit more than expected, but it certainly is not outrageously overpriced.

There are a number of cardboard style models on the market today so the Calafant Treehouse isn’t exactly groundbreaking by its invention alone. It does, however, combine arts and crafts with model building – and our team just loves that.

We definitely had a blast putting together our Calafant Treehouses. Working with the kids on decorating and building the model was a lot of fun – and will surely be a hit with your children. Pricing was fair and the durability was a little questionable, but this isn’t a treehouse for your yard, it’s just a cool project for kids and parents to work on together! And seeing that look of satisfaction on a little child’s face is worth the work!

Manufacturer: Calafant USA
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $24.99
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