Bright Starts™ Doodle Bug Around We Go Baby Toddler Walk Around Learning Center Product Review

The Bright Starts Doodle Bug Around We Go calls itself the only product of its kind designed to grow with your baby through their toddler years. The seat rotates 360-degrees, allowing baby to walk around play table. Then as your child grows, the seat easily removes so the toddler can enjoy the Doodle Bug Around We Go as a play table. Piano stations with 3 play modes. Use flip book to activate: melodies, silly sounds and piano. Action/reaction station with bead chaser, “popping characters” and bug spinner with sliding frog. 2 plush stalk toys: turtle with rattle and caterpillar with fabric accents.

The Doodle Bug Around We Go really is an easy toy to use. Yes, there is a bit of set-up for Mom and Dad – but from out of the box to up and running, the whole process just takes a few minutes. From there, it’s all baby and toddler play. Place a baby in the seat, choose to lock it or keep it fluid, depending on the age of your child, then sit back and enjoy. The colorful toys will have your little one exploring in no time – and the music they find along the way is their reward!
Then, when your baby grows to toddler age, you can easily remove the seat for newfound free-play for your child. And don’t worry, just because they use a toy like this as an infant, doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it as a toddler. Some of our toddlers even enjoyed it more!

Designed for infants and toddlers, Bright Starts knew they had to make this unit strong and cleanable. A simply wipe-down with soap and water has the Doodle Bug Around We Go ready to go. And our team found no reason to believe any of the moving/working parts would break down or fall apart. Excellent.

It’s bright! It’s colorful! It’s full of fun! The all-new Doodle Bug Around We Go from Bright Starts truly looks like as much fun to play with as it is! Our kids were instantly engaged!

Here is another category where five starts just wasn’t enough! As an infant, and in the seat, there is so much freedom and activity for your child. Then when they reach toddler age the seat comes off and the fun keeps on going. Our team couldn’t ask for more functionality from a walk-around style toy!

In a blind survey members of our review team estimated the Doodle Bug Around We Go to be priced between $65 and $75. With an actual retail price of just under $80 our parents would have liked the pricing to be a bit less. However, considering the life of this toy and all of the activities involved, none were too put off by the price tag.

There are definitely other walk-around/entertainer style toys on the market, but we just fell in love with how versatile the Doodle Bug Around We Go truly is. All of the fun activities are great, and it grows with your child through toddler age. Extending the life of a higher priced toy is absolutely an original idea – and we love it!

Overall our review team really fell in love with the Doodle Bug Around We Go entertainer. It is packed with all of the fun toys infants and toddlers love, and it is designed to keep right on growing as your infant does. It is priced fairly and made well to last long. If you are in the market for a top-notch walk-around/entertainer – look no further than this one!

Manufacturer: Kids II Inc.
Recommended Age: 4 months+
Retail Price: $79.99
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