Moby Wrap Designs


Moby Wrap is one of the most recognizable wrap-style baby carriers around, and the Moby Wrap Designs series is an artistic, eye-catching addition to the line. Each Moby Design reverses from a pattern design to solid for two-in-one versatility. Made of 100% cotton, Moby Wrap Design wraps have the same softness and slight stretch that all original Moby Wraps have. Designed for keeping baby close and secure.

Well…the Moby Wrap Designs is not exactly the easiest baby carrier on the market. The wrap does come with detailed instructions (a mini-book if you will) on a variety of ways to wear Moby Wrap Designs, and believe us, you’ll need the book in the beginning. Our Moms took some time learning a few different wrap styles and picked the one that worked best for their babies. There is just a lot of fabric included, and it takes a while to get used to the process of wrapping baby. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean our Moms didn’t like Moby Wrap Designs, it just takes a bit more work and getting used to than other carrying options.

Made of 100% cotton, Moby Wrap Designs is super easy to clean. Spot clean as necessary or throw it in the washing machine. Our Moms did notice a bit of shrinking, but simply wearing Moby Wrap Designs brought it back to original size. Overall – no durability concerns.

This is one category where Moby Wrap Designs just excelled. First off, when we told our Moms we were going to be testing a new wrap, some actually said they hoped it was the one that looks sort of like a t-shirt – soft and comfy. And yes – they were referring to Moby Wraps. And yes again – Moby Wrap Design just looks comfortable to wear. With the Moby Wrap Design series Moby found some of the color schemes our Moms liked best, then added unique, fresh patterns to them. All in all our Moms wished we could add a few extra stars on Visual Appeal alone!

Functionality was a category that garnered quite a bit of discussion. As we mentioned earlier, Moby Wraps are not as easy to put on as other sling style carry options out there. So some of our Moms wanted to take a bit away for this reason alone. On the other hand, with so many different carrying options, other Moms felt extremely strongly that the Moby Wrap Design had functionality off the chart. There is definitely an option for carrying that will work with every baby – and our Moms that were high on functionality felt this was the most important feature.

In our blind survey our Moms priced Moby Wrap Design anywhere between $40 and $60. With an actual retail price of $45 everyone felt that Moby Wrap Design was priced well and fairly. Other wraps and slings on the market can cost upwards of $75 – our Moms were very comfortable with a $45 price point for this wrap.

Moby Wrap Design is an improvement on one of the most fun and functional wraps out there. It isn’t the first wrap to come along, but our Moms loved the fresh styles. Moby took a great product and didn’t just sit on it – they made it even more appealing to Moms – and that is original.

Overall our Moms absolutely fell in love with Moby Wrap Design. Remember, the group was excited even before the evaluation began, and while slightly difficult to wear properly at first, everyone loved the wrap after a little practice. The styles are cool, the pricing is perfect, and it keeps baby close to you and cozy. A fantastic addition to the Moby Wrap Design product line.

Manufacturer: Moby Wrap Inc.
Recommended Age: Birth - 35 lbs.
Retail Price: $44.95
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