Stick ‘N Style™ Bangles


The Orb Factory’s line of decorate-by-numbers Stick ‘n Style craft kits is guaranteed to be a Blingtastic hit with crafters everywhere. Stick ‘n Style Rainbow Bangles are great for designing your own jewelry ensemble or decorate your bangles with friends at your next sleepover. Includes 2 large Bangles and 1 small bangle, plus over 300 shimmering jewel stickers.

Designed for the special little girl in your life, it’s clear that the folks at The Orb Factory knew just what they would love, and just what they could handle. Hand over the bangles and the jewel stickers and get out of their way! Little girls know just what it takes when it comes to making adorable jewelry!

The bangles themselves are made durable to last a long time – and the jewel stickers stick on easy enough – and will last – until your little one chooses to peel them off. Some may fall of with daily wear and fun, but no major concerns here!

For a teenager? No. For a girl between the ages of 5 and 9 – absolutely! Little girls love play jewelry, and this is even better as they get to make it themselves! All it took was one look, and our little girls were hooked on making their own blingtastic creations!

With only three bangles included in each kit, our girls created, and then moved on. Yes they can peel off and re-design, but it seemed like they were looking for a bit more. The bangles are cute, and the stickers hold on fine, but some of our girls were looking for more jewelry options to create.

In a blind survey, our team priced this kit between $12 and $15. With an actual retail price of just under $15, the group felt that Stick ‘N Style Bangles were priced perfectly for a gift or to buy for their own children.

Members of our team, and the little girls we spoke with had seen other jewelry making kits before – and although these have a bit more bling to them, the group felt overall this wasn’t groundbreaking in design.

Overall our girls really did enjoy playing with the Stick ‘N Style Bangles. Pricing was fair, and visually all the girls loved the bracelets! A few more bangles and stickers would have been a plus, but if you have a girly-girl who loves to play dress-up and design, Stick ‘N Style Bangles is a great choice!

Manufacturer: The Orb Factory Limited
Recommended Age: 5 years +
Retail Price: $14.99
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