Rockboard Scooter

The biggest difference between the Rockboard Scooter and all others is the fact that the Rockboard is 2 scooters in 1! The advanced Rockboard technology allows you to shred the pavement in Rockboarding mode, or quickly transform your Rockboard Scooter into a low-profile kick scooter. The rear spring-enhanced suspension means the smoothest ride even on the most unforgiving pavement. With superior strength, and lightning quick dual-mode action adjustment, the Rockboard Scooter means hours of fun! Pre-Assembled and foldable for transportation.

Take the Rockboard out of the box, unfold it, and you are ready to start shredding! Our team loves no assembly required! Then hop on to the Rockboard and get to work. Similar to any standard low-profile scooter, the Rockboard is easy to ride. But add in the Rockboard mode and you’ve got something special you’re working with! And happily, members of our review team were super-pleased with how easy it was to switch from low-profile mode to Rockboard mode. Working with the Rockboard does take a little bit of practice, but nothing any typical child or teenager couldn’t handle!

After plenty of testing, riding and rocking, our review team found no worries for breakdown with the Rockboard. It is definitely made tough to tackle whatever your kids can throw at it!

In a word – awesome! All it takes is for one person to hop on the Rockboard to start drawing a crowd. Remember, everyone has seen a scooter before, but not everyone has seen something quite as versatile as the Rockboard. And in Rockboard mode, the kids were all drawn to it!

It is a low profile scooter and a Rockboard style scooter. It folds easily and conveniently for storage and travel. Put it all together and you’ve got everything you could ask for in a scooter.

Well…there is a downside to the Rockboard…it’s expensive. At just under $200, the Rockboard wasn’t just priced higher than our team would have liked, it was priced a lot higher. Parents on our review team have seen scooters priced as low as $20 (flimsy) and up around $120, but not many had seen a scooter priced at this point. Now…the group did acknowledge that this is clearly a serious scooter for a big-time rider. If you or your child has worked their way up through the scooter ranks, this is an amazing next step – but it is pricey.

Kids on our review team had of course seen and ridden low-profile scooters, and some had seen Rockboard style scooters, but none had ever seen any that do both. That counts as original to us!

Overall our review team fell in love with the Rockboard…everyone wanted to ride and ride. Now, it is expensive, so that is certainly a big consideration for many…but if you can afford it, we say go for it! It comes ready to ride, and rides well in both low-profile and Rockboard mode. And the Rockboard adds an awesome fun element, changing up the way to ride! Simply put – Rockboard rocks!

Manufacturer: M.Y. Products, LLC
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $199.99
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