Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer Sled – 47″

The Ultimate Flyer Sled from Mountain Boy Sledworks is an elegant, hand-made sled that is designed to glide and turn like no other sled you’ve ever tried. The entire front section of the sled pivots, letting you make much sharper turns than on a conventional flexible flyer. And, with its classic styling, it looks great standing on the porch in between sled runs. The Flyer is made to last for generations: thick birch planks, hand-carved willow hand rails and stainless-steel hardware make it tough. Custom engraving is also available.

When building an Ultimate Flyer, Mountain Boy Sledworks starts with planks of beautiful, golden birch. They plane down the planks, sand them, burn in the Mountain Boy brand, and give every piece several coats of a lead-free, marine-grade finish. They attach hand rails of hand-carved willow, giving each sled a unique look and feel. Copper ferrules between the body of the sled and the rails add to the rustic look, while adding substantial strength.

On the bottom of the sled, Mountain Boy Sledworks attaches a pair of proprietary, custom-molded plastic skids that are very fast, but their shape allows for smooth, decisive turning. Contoured runners bite into the snow or ice so you can carve down hard-packed slopes, while a solid bottom of custom-molded slippery plastic lets the sled float through soft snow.

The Ultimate Flyer meets all ASTM and USC child safety criteria. The finish is lead-free. The Ultimate Flyer 47″ Sled measures 47”L x 24” W x 4” H, 12 lbs. Patent-pending. Weight limit: 300 lbs.

Ease of use is always a fun category for our team when it comes to something like a sled! Sure, hop on and take it for a ride! Easy – right?! Well – in theory yes – so taking the sled out of the box to riding your favorite hill is a simple process. Now mastering a super maneuverable sled like like the Ultimate Flyer…well, that takes a little practice and skill!
The Ultimate Flyer does have a front section that pivots, helping you to make sharp turns – and with a bit of practice, our reviewers were carving away. The Ultimate Flyer is obviously heavier than plastic sleds, so pulling back up the hill can be a little challenging, even for some adults.

Throughout our review runs, our team saw no breakdown in the durability department. The one question that lingered in the back of their minds however was: “With a wood sled, is it eventually going to crack?” Sleds are made to be ridden, and essentially beaten-up. The best we could say is do the best to properly care for yours and it should last season after season. However, since wood is not exactly indestructible, the team couldn’t see fit to award all five stars here.

Five stars is simply not enough! When you think of sledding, you think of a sled that looks like the Ultimate Flyer. The wood planks and copper ferrules are simply stunning. Place an Ultimate Flyer on a porch next to a cheapy plastic sled and there is simply no comparison! The Ultimate Flyer looks as much like a piece of fine wooden furniture as it does an awesome sled!

With it’s pivoting front section and contoured runners the Ultimate Flyer has the tools to offer a killer ride on the hills. After a few practice runs, our team was able to use the front section to cut and turn, carving their way down the hill. This sled performs well.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Flyer lands on the high end of the pricing scale. With a retail price of $139.99, our team felt you really had to commit to buying it. For our cost conscious reviewers, it’s hard for them to not think about the inexpensive plastic sleds that they can pick up at many of the big box retailers. However, all agreed that is price was not your biggest concern, the Ultimate Flyer is the sled to go with! It is gorgeous to look at and fun to ride. If you can afford the extra dollars, the Ultimate Flyer will not disappoint.

The Ultimate Flyer is a classic – which makes it difficult to label it as entirely original. Yet, our review team loved the features so much they were happy to award four stars here. The pivoting front section, the custom-molded plastic skids, and the contoured runners come together to form one amazing sled. And the look, while it is classic, is just something that isn’t seen these days. All in all, our team felt that going back to classic construction and styles is definitely something original these days!

Overall our team really loved riding the Ultimate Flyer from Mountain Boy Sledworks. Seriously, what’s not to love? If you can handle the pricing you are going to find yourself riding one classically styled sled that is functional and fun! And you won’t find a better looking sled anywhere! If you’ve got the snow and the hill, Mountain Boy Sledworks has the sled for you!

Manufacturer: Mountain Boy Sledworks
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $139.99
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