Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover & Burp Cloth Gift Set

The Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and Burp Cloth Gift Package contains 1 Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and 3 matching Burp Cloths. Our Burp Cloths are 100% Cotton Terrycloth, and are packaged in an all-new gift box.

The Nursing Cover features a rigid neckline and signature design prints, allowing you to breastfeed anytime, anywhere and in style.
The Burp Cloths are made from 100% cotton terry and feature matching signature design prints.

Packaged nicely in a gift box, our Moms thought there was nothing easier than a gift for a new Mom that is already packed and ready to go for you. The Burp Cloths are soft, and obviously easy to use. But the real scene-stealer in this gift package is the Nursing Cover. Our Moms loved how easily the Nursing Cover went over their heads and around their necks, and then offered absolute full coverage for feeding. Some even commented that with the awesome styles, these covers looked more like a fashion accessory than a nursing cover. Add in a collar that allows Mom to make eye contact and easily see baby. Put it all together and our Moms were happy to award five stars for ease of use!

After multiple uses, and a few washes of the Burp Cloths and Nursing Covers and our Moms saw no breakdown in material or coloring. Babies are messy, especially burping, feeding babies, but our Moms were definitely pleased with how well the Bebe au Lait Gift Set held up.

Five stars here just isn’t enough! Our Moms loved, loved, loved the style the Bebe au Lait Gift Sets had to offer. The Nursing Covers aren’t bulky, and definitely aren’t ugly. With so many styles to choose from, our Moms were sure to find one they all felt comfortable in! One other point they were happy to note was that with the design of the Nursing Covers themselves many of our Moms friends didn’t even know they were feeding!

The Nursing Covers and Burp Cloths do exactly what they are supposed to do – and that is cover you up and absorb some spit-up! Our Moms, again, were sure to note how easy the Nursing Cover is to put on, and how well they can see baby during feeding. Can’t ask for more than that!

And here is the first chink in the armor…price. In a blind survey our Moms estimated this gift set to be around $30-$35. With an actual retail price of $50, many felt this was definitely on the high end of what they would consider. However, in comparison to less expensive covers and burp cloths, Bebe au Lait designs definitely stand out, and many of our Moms said they may not buy this expensive set for themselves, but they would love it as a gift!

There is nothing entirely new about nursing covers and burp cloths. With that said, our Moms definitely loved the functionality of the Nursing Cover, some simply stating that the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover was just easier to use. With a design upgrade in their back pocket, this Gift Set was still able to earn 4 stars here.

Could you tell that our Moms just loved the Bebe au Lait Gift Set. Leaving the gorgeous styles aside for a moment, they all loved how easily they were able to use the Nursing Cover. Super functional. Add in the gorgeous styles and our Moms just loved this set. Yes, the pricing is a bit high, but like our Moms said, if they could afford it, they would love it! If you know a stylish breast-feeding Mom, you know someone who will love the Bebe au Lait Gift Set!

Manufacturer: Bebe Au Lait
Recommended Age: Newborn - 2 years
Retail Price: $50.00
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