Baby Goes Pro DVD

“Inspiring a generation to move” is the mission of Baby Goes Pro – a DVD series created by a former professional athlete that introduces children to sports using an animated character who “coaches” children on the building blocks of five non-contact sports – baseball, tennis, basketball, golf and soccer. Baby Goes Pro encourages children to lead active lifestyles and begin a lifelong love of sports!

There’s nothing difficult about using Baby Goes Pro – pop it in the DVD player and let it roll. The makers encourage Mom and Dad to sit with little ones while they watch and read aloud the “flash cards” as they pop up on the screen for added verbal reinforcement. The goal here is introduction to sport and an active lifestyle so our parents tended to want to be there to work on the words and talk about the sports that were on-screen.

Like all DVDs we review – there are no real major concerns when it comes to the durability of DVDs – except of course for the problems that little hands pose. Fingerprints and foreign substances tend to end up all over the DVDs our teams review – so you’ve been warned. Parents will want to monitor who has the DVD and what they are up to!

The video itself is extremely well produced and that was something our parents were sure to comment on. Emkei the monkey is adorable, and the animation is top notch. The sequences with sports interaction are bright, visual and fun. As far as visual appeal goes – it’s five stars all the way!

In a blind survey our parents Baby Goes Pro right around $12. With an actual retail price of $14.95 the DVD is priced just a bit higher than the would have liked. Even with a price a few dollars more than our parents wanted they were sure to comment that the $15 price tag is right in range with other DVDs on the market.

Originality was a category that our parents were a bit tough on. The formula was established by Baby Einstein, and Baby Goes Pro tends to build on that. The animation is original, the sequences are original and the songs are original – but our parents weren’t willing to call this DVD groundbreaking. Keep in mind, be compared to the Baby Einstein series isn’t necessarily a bad thing – and could probably even be seen as a compliment – but overall our Moms and Dads didn’t feel as though the concept was entirely original.

There was quite a bit of mixed discussion when it came to Baby Goes Pro. All of our Moms and Dads thought the video itself was very well done – and everyone loved Emkei the monkey. There was a lot of talk about originality, and even though it is a new category the DVD still fell short in this category. Overall if you are comfortable letting your little one watch a DVD, and you’re willing to watch with them, you can’t go wrong with Baby Goes Pro. We found our younger children were engaged, and our older children were ready to get up and play sports rather than watch them on TV…which seems like the main goal behind Baby Goes Pro!

Manufacturer: Baby Goes Pro
Recommended Age: 4 years and under
Retail Price: $14.95
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