Bead the Message Secret Messaging Kit Kids Arts and Crafts Product Review


The Secret Messaging Kit from Bead the Message allows kids of all ages to create their own secret message bracelets.
Each kit contains approximately 25 each of 38 unique colored beads, each representing a number, letter, and space. About 15 customized “BEADTHEMESSAGE” beads are provided- each will signify the start of a message project. 15 yards of elastic and 20 decoder cards and instructions included.

Beads and kids – sort of like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together! We placed a few of these kits in front of our kids and got out of the way. The beads were a flying! Some of the younger children needed a little lesson as to exactly what was meant by “secret messages”, but kids ages 6 – 9 showed a great deal of enthusiasm! Younger kids needed help with spelling and of course with tying off the bracelets – otherwise it was a totally kid driven activity. It couldn’t be any easier than that!

The kit and the beads themselves are very well made, but let’s be honest, we are talking lots of beads and little hands. As our parents told us, they were beginning to find beads everywhere! And some of the kids that chose to tie off the bracelets themselves weren’t tying knots quite as tight as necessary, so some did open up. Other than that however, our parents found no durability concerns – just some missing or misplaced beads and some unraveled bracelets.

This was a tricky one for our parents and here is why. The beaded bracelets are adorable – and the kids loved them. The kids also really enjoyed working out of the kit. And…all it took was for one child to get started, and the rest were on the project too. That speaks volumes about visual appeal! The downside is in our world of slickly packaged toys, Bead the Message doesn’t compete. Bead the Message has more of an Arts & Crafts Store look. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t mean it is the toy that all kids are going to gravitate to first. Don’t misunderstand, once in use, the kids were thrilled, they just didn’t all jump to it at first sight in a pile of other options.

Super duper functionality. Kids were happy to bead secret messages, wear the bracelet for a bit, then take it all apart and bead another message. This kit definitely offers fun play, that changes every time – now that is functional!

In a blind survey our parents priced this right around $20. With an actual retail price of $19.99 – the parents were right on – and that pleases them greatly! Perfectly priced!

Our Moms and Dads had seen some other beading kits before, but none that carried a secret message within! A nice twist on an activity that kids love!

Our review team – Moms, Dads and kids all really enjoyed working and playing with the Secret Messaging Kit from Bead the Message. Parents are always surprised by how much their kids enjoy working with their hands and doing craft projects – but we know it and we love it! The kit is priced perfectly, and with proper care and tracking of the beads will last forever. The kit is easy to use – and just plain and simple a lot of fun! Our kids loved it – and yours will too!

Manufacturer: Bead the Message
Recommended Age: 4 - 16 years
Retail Price: $19.99
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