Curtain Critters

Curtain Critters are cute, unique, plush stuffed animal tiebacks that hold your curtains while decorating your home. An excellent final touch when decorating your newborn, toddler, or tween’s theme room!

Curtain Critters are adorable – and thankfully, very easy to use. Attach a hook to your wall, hang the Curtain Critter by the elastic on the back of their head, then use the velcro on the Critters’ hands to attach. And voila! You’ve added an adorable little touch to your child’s room. Our Moms and Dads were thrilled not having to drill holes or anchor anything. Curtain Critters are as simple to use as they are cute!

Curtain Critters appear to be made very well. After normal use our Moms and Dads found no reason to be worried at all as far as durability goes.

Visual appeal was an easy one for our review team. Curtain Critters are super-cute and make an excellent addition to virtually any child’s room. Curtain Critters are recommended for all ages, but our team did feel that older kids wouldn’t be excited as the younger ones.

Hang them up, wrap their arms around the curtains and velcro them shut. Curtain Critters perform exceptionally well, and do just what they say they will.

In a blind survey our parents priced Curtain Critters rights around $20. With an actual retail price of just under $25 for the pair, they are a bit more expensive then our team would have liked, but not by much. Overall, the group felt they were pretty fairly priced even at $25.

Not a single member of our review team had ever seen anything quite like Curtain Critters. Absolutely adorable and absolutely original!

All it took was one look and our review team was in love with Curtain Critters. First of all, they are totally affordable, and second of all, they are totally adorable! Absolutely unique and absolutely easy to use. These are all of the things our parents are looking for – and put together they were an easy five star winner!

Manufacturer: Curtain Critters
Recommended Age: All ages
Retail Price: $24.95 for a set of 2
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