3-D Wooden Puzzles Kids Arts and Crafts Product Review


High grade 3mm wood puzzles come individually shrink-wrapped w/instructions & sandpaper included. Pop out the pieces and go! Painted or left as natural wood, it’s a challenging, educational and creative activity for all ages.

The 3-D Wooden Puzzles from Puzzled Inc. are designed for children ages six and up – and our parents were all pleasantly surprised when children ages six and up were able to work with them – all by themselves! Yes, they look complicated. And yes, there are a number of pieces that need to be popped out and sanded. But, unlike other models and puzzles, kids as young as six are able to work with these. Direction and sandpaper are included, and all of our parents were happy to report how easily there kids were able to get started – and finish!

Well…these are lightweight, wooden puzzles – so they aren’t exactly the most durable toys on the planet. They all popped out easily enough, and came together well, but these aren’t exactly toys your children will be able to handle a lot. Rough play will break them. On the upside however, they should hold together just fine if treated properly.

Ooohhh – five stars for sure. In their initial packaging, and definitely set-up, our kids were drawn to these little puzzles. They look really cool. And they look really difficult. Those together gave our kids super-levels of excitement when they were able to work on and complete them.

For a puzzle these guys pack in lots of functionality. First off – kids have to pop all of the pieces out of the wood. Secondly, they need to sand them. And then finally comes the assembly. This isn’t open the box, dump and put together – there is some actual work involved.

In a blind survey our parents priced these puzzles right around $7-$8. With an actual retail price of $4.99 each, our Moms and Dads were just blown away. We’ve got a really cool, functional toy that isn’t priced fair – it’s priced more than fair!

These 3-D Wooden Puzzles were something that many on our review team had seen before, whether from childhood experiences or working with their older children. That isn’t to say that the new styles and designs weren’t fun to work with, they just weren’t groundbreaking as far as originality goes.

Overall our review team really enjoyed working with the 3-D Puzzles from Puzzle, Inc. Our girls loved the butterfly, our boys loved the t-rex and train. The kids really got into popping out and sanding, and once they were able to start assembling, they were even more excited. These puzzles really look difficult, and really give kids a sense of accomplishment when they finish. And of course, our parents absolutely loved the pricing – definitely affordable. A fun toy that your kids will really enjoy!

Manufacturer: Puzzled, Inc.
Recommended Age: 6 years+
Retail Price: $4.99
On the Web: www.puzzledinc.com
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