Bright Starts™ Comfort & Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer

Comfort & Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer provides supreme comfort for baby with the latest on-trend styling for Mom and Dad.

  • Oversized, cradling seat with Comfort Recline technology provides 2 full-body recline positions to suit baby’s needs

  • Features 2 engaging plush toys and 7 calming melodies plus soothing vibrations

  • Plush, cushioned bolster system and headrest made of supremely soft fabrics to make baby secure and comforted

  • Removable toy bar pivots easily out of the way for access to baby; also removable headrest and bolster system

  • 3-point harness and nonslip feet keeps baby secure; machine washable seat pad, bolster system and headrest

  • Hand a new baby product that needs a little assembly over to Dad and get out of the way. In no time the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer was set-up and ready to roll. Snap baby into place, choose a soothing vibration and sweet songs and your baby is good to go. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

    The seat pad, bolster system and head rest are all easy to remove and totally washable – and with the messes our little ones tend to make this a big plus. Believe us – if you are on your first baby, you’ll be washing their bouncy seat at least once! The nonslip feet help keep your little one safe, and the base has a solid sturdy feel that impressed even the toughest critics on our review team.

    This is one category where the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer really excelled. Everyone loved the style! It has soft, warm colors perfect for baby, but isn’t over the top screaming newborn. Designed to blend in with a variety of decors, this bouncy seat seems to make a perfect addition to every room – a detail not lost on our parents at all!

    As far as bouncy seats go, this one is pretty standard. It is safe and secure, which is the first thing our parents look for. Then similar to many other seats on the market, it has vibration and music. As far as functionality goes, it does what it sets out to do – provide a safe place to park baby!

    On average, our review team priced this bouncy seat right around $40. With an actual retail price of just under $50 it was priced a bit higher than some on the review team would have liked. In comparison to less expensive bouncy seats however, this definitely rises above – so our Moms and Dads could certainly see where the cost comes in.

    Outside of the styling to please Mom and Dad there isn’t anything entirely new or groundbreaking with this bouncy seat. That isn’t to say that a classy look doesn’t count for a lot with our review team – as they were happy to award four stars on the fact that this seat looks more like furniture and less like a circus than other seats!

    Another five star seat from Bright Starts! No, the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer isn’t changing the world of bouncy seats, but it is a super solid, super well-made, and wonderfully designed seat. Our parents loved the look, the durability and the ease of use – and were pleased with pricing. Put it together and you’ve got a bouncy seat that you’ll love to have in your home, and that your baby will love to sit in.

    Manufacturer: Kids II Inc.
    Recommended Age: 6 lbs. to 25 lbs.
    Retail Price: $49.99
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