Baby Cubes by Petite Creations


Manufacturer: Petite Creations
Recommended Age: Beginning foods
Retail Price: $6.99 - $8.99
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Baby Cubes by Petite Creations

Baby Cubes are sold as a set of eight or ten individual freezer cube containers with lids and storage tray. Baby Cubes is the only product on the market with a lid attached directly to each cube making it simpler to prepare and store baby food.

  • Stackable, airtight, dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for small individual snacks
  • Ideal for freezing homemade baby food
  • Ideal for storing breast milk
  • Travels well from freezer to microwave
  • Baby Cubes are a great seller
  • Pkg. Hanging Pack
  • Available in 2 sizes

It seems that more and more of our Moms out there are choosing to make their own baby food, rather than rely on some store-bought brand.  Our team was absolutely pleased with how easy to use Baby Cubes were.  Prepare the food, stack and store it, then take out individual containers for heating and eating.  They are microwave safe for warming – and dishwasher safe for cleaning.  Needless to say, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Use after use – into the refrigerator, into the microwave, then into the dishwasher – our parents saw no breakdown or problems with Baby Cubes.  These little containers are made to last!

Baby Cubes are designed to be an easy-to-use alternative to store-bought baby food.  With that in mind, the manufacturers sought to stick with a clean, simple look.  They didn’t add giraffes or bunnies, but our review team didn’t mind.  They actually felt nothing was more appealing that brightly colored, freshly made food, stacked neatly in their refrigerators!

Transfer food to it after you cook.  Store your food in it in the refrigerator.  Heat your food in it in the microwave.  Serve your baby food right from it.  Place it right in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Baby Cubes even have markings on them for 3 different amounts of food to store. Does our review team think Baby Cubes are functional?  Absolutely!

In a blind survey our parents priced Baby Cubes right around $10.  With an actual retail price between $7 and $9 – pricing was slightly lower than the gang expected!  How’s that for a change!!!

Food storage options for baby food aren’t a brand new idea – but Baby Cubes improves everywhere possible.  Easy to store – easy to heat – easy to clean.  Put it all together and you’ve got great improvements on a classic idea.

Overall our review team loved Baby Cubes.  From pricing, to convenience, to ease of use and functionality.  The group really couldn’t find anything they didn’t like about them.  If you’re in the market for a baby food storage solution – you won’t go wrong with Baby Cubes!