Baby Bottle Buddy by Petite Creations

The Baby Bottle Buddy from Petite Creations is designed to be one of your child’s best friends – helping them through some of the most critical feeding and teething years! 3-in-1 Design serves as your baby’s bottle holder, has teething ears specially designed for developing gums, and is a warm cuddly friend perfect for hugs! Available in a variety of colors to meet every child’s favorites!

Our Moms and Dads were certainly pleased with just how easy the Baby Bottle Buddy is to use. Simply slip your baby’s bottle in the elastic hole in the center of the bear and they’ve got a companion to look at and play with before, during and after feeding! Our parents were sure to notice as their children started to get a little older they were happy to take the bear off and put him back on themselves – also good for developing fine motor skills!

Well…the Baby Bottle Buddy is designed to work with your little one during feeding – so our parents expected it to get a little gunked up occasionally – and it did! It did spot clean fairly well, but like anything for little ones where food and or chewing is involved it could get yuckier and yuckier over time. Otherwise – our team saw no cause for concern where durability is concerned.

Five stars for sure – Baby Bottle Buddies are just cute! Our little ones all seemed to enjoy staring up at their new friends – and our parents couldn’t stop adding in how adorable their kids looked cuddling the bears!

For a baby bottle holder, Baby Bottle Buddies certainly packs in a nice amount of function. First off, it certainly serves well as a bottle holder. Add in the ears designed for teething and they’ve upped it a notch. Some of our Moms weren’t as easily impressed in calling it a stuffed animal, but others were happy to include that as a function. The Baby Bottle Buddy isn’t going to bathe and dress your little one – but it may make feeding and teething a little easier!

In a blind survey our parents estimated the price to be right around $10. With an actual retail price of between $9 and $10 – the group was pleased. They felt is was in the price range to buy for their own children and as an add-on gift for friends.

There are a few baby bottle holder type products out on the market today. Our parents did appreciate the added thoughtfulness in design where the teething ears were concerned, but outside of that upgrade the group didn’t feel this was cutting edge or absolutely innovative. Keep in mind though – that doesn’t to take away from the Baby Bottle Buddy’s usefulness – we’re just talking about originality here.

Overall – our Moms and Dads got a kick out of the Baby Bottle Buddy. Like we mentioned above – no one thought this was the revolutionary tool to make bottle feeding a snap – but all were impressed with how adorable it looked and how well it was made. Plus the pricing was spot on! A Baby Bottle Buddy would make a perfect add on gift for a new born or baby shower, or can be that special something you add on to your own child’s bottle for an added level of cuteness!

Manufacturer: Petite Creations
Recommended Age: Newborn
Retail Price: $8.99 - $9.99
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