Chibi Plush Zoo Animals

Chibi is defined in the Urban Dictionary as a Japanese animé word describing endearingly cute little characters with oversized heads and big engaging eyes. Trend Lab’s animé influenced Chibi Zoo Babies are made from incredibly soft 100% polyester velour, embellished with embroidery and filled with fluffy polyester fibers.

Trend Lab’s Chibi Zoo Plush animals are designed for children of all ages – starting with newborns. And if one thing our review team knows it is newborns make messes, as do infants, toddlers, children…you get the idea. And the team was pleased to see that simple spot washing with warm water (and sometimes soap) was able to remove any of the daily grime. Additionally – all seams and embroidery seem to be tight – so no cause for concern here. Well-made for sure.

Five stars just isn’t enough! Each Chibi Zoo Plush is cuter than the next. Seriously – our team was thrilled with how adorable – and by the looks on their little ones faces – it seemed like the kids were just as happy!

In our blind survey, our Moms and Dads priced these adorable stuffed animals right around $15. With an actual retail price of just $11.95 – let’s just say they were blown away! And that never happens!!! Any parent knows – most stuffed animals out there are just overpriced. At just under $12 these are priced perfect for gift add-ons or as a special something for your little own children!

Well, there isn’t exactly anything new about cute stuffed animals…but our team was sure to note that these little guys have a unique style all their own. And add in the affordability factor to what looks and feels like a collectable – and you’ve got a whole new take on plush!

Overall our Moms and Dads really got a kick out of Chibi Zoo Plush animals – and their kids loved them too! They are soft, adorable, durable, and most importantly priced properly! When it comes to plush it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Manufacturer: Trend Lab LLC
Recommended Age: All ages
Retail Price: $11.95 each
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