ROLLORS Outdoor Game

ROLLORS combines the skill of Bocce, Bowling and Horseshoes along with the element of chance into a fun and exciting game.
ROLLORS is a yard game that can be played at a park, in the front or back yard of a house or just about anywhere where a relatively flat ground surface can be found. ROLLORS is a game of skill that requires a modest level of physical activity and can be quickly varied depending on the age and skill level of the players. Designed for all ages and can be played in teams or individual competition.

With a quick read through the directions our review team was up and running! The game itself plays similar to horseshoes with players taking turns. Set up the goals and start the game play. Roll the ROLLORS toward the goal and depending how close and in what way they land the scoring begins. There is definitely a level of skill that players need to develop to get good at the game, but from taking it out of the box to getting the game going the process is easy and fun. Our review team always love a game that is just easy to play – and ROLLORS is one!

There are absolutely no durability concerns with ROLLORS. Each piece is hand made from solid wood – and it shows. Game after game the ROLLORS showed no signs of breakdown.

ROLLORS has the looks of a classic game – maybe one that came around in the 1950s. It may be lacking the neon colors of many of today’s modern toys, but our review team certainly didn’t feel that took away from the presentation at all. Take ROLLORS to a picnic or a park and you’ll see people take notice – and that is what matters with visual appeal!

ROLLORS comes with an instruction guide and rule book that teaches you how to play the game in a few different ways, with individuals and with teams. And obviously, as the ground goes, so go the ROLLORS so each game will be different every time. Excellent functionality.

Well…as it so often is….price is the downside. Yes each piece is handmade. Yes each piece will last long. But with an actual retail price of $85 our review team was well, well below that in a blind survey of cost. ROLLORS will last forever, but even with that going for it, the Moms and Dads on our review team just felt the price is too high.

Back to the good stuff – not a single member of our review team had ever seen anything quite like ROLLORS! It takes the best parts of horseshoes and bocce and transforms them into a new, fun game. Definitely an original!

Even with the high-ticket price, ROLLORS earned a solid four star rating from our team. The game is just fun to play, perfect for picnics and parties, and excellent for a variety of ages. ROLLORS isn’t going to break down over time – it’s made to last. And it is just one of those games that brings people in! If you can handle the high price, you’ll love ROLLORS!

Manufacturer: ROLLORS
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $85.00
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