MilkBank Milk Storage System Baby Feeding Product Review

According to the manufacturer Dex Products, MilkBank delivers the freshest breast milk possible, and fresh breast milk is the most nutritious for your baby. Clinical tests show that any level of oxygen exposure begins to spoil breast milk. For best nutrition, freshly pumped breast milk should be fed immediately or stored in MilkBank’s vacuum-sealed storage bottles for later feeding. Traditional storage methods, such as bags and bottles, trap harmful oxygen when sealed. This exposure to oxygen not only impacts the nutritional value, but can also distort the flavor, causing babies to reject stored breast milk.

The MilkBank Starter Kit includes: 1-vacuum pump, 3- storage caps, 1- 2.5 oz storage/feeding bottle,2 – 5 oz storage/feeding bottles,1 – outer insulated bottle with Stage 1 nipple & 3-pack bottles and caps.

“The MilkBank Vacuum Storage System is extremely easy to use.” That was the first of many positive quotes we heard from our breastfeeding Moms. Our Moms poured pumped breastmilk into the MilkBank storage containers and then easily vacuum pumped out the oxygen. The storage containers can then be easily used with or without the MilkBank’s insulated, leak-proof feeding bottle. Each component seamlessly works together to help Moms achieve the goal – the freshest breastmilk for their babies. To put it simply – our Moms all thought this was a super-easy system to use!

All of our parents found no cause for concern in the durability department. But even more important with a baby bottle and storage system for our parents was “clean-ability”. And let’s just say all of our Moms and Dads were thrilled! First off, all components clean easily with warm soap and water – or however you choose to clean and disinfect your bottle parts. But here is the real kicker – there are less parts to clean! And don’t think that was a small point for our parents – it was huge! Nobody likes having to clean baby bottles, and with the MilkBank you are cleaning less components. Well done!

MilkBank is designed well and has a clean, modern look. The orange caps are bright and cheery. MilkBank is as visually appealing as a baby bottle system can be.

MilkBank is clinically tested and proven to provide the freshest breastmilk by removing oxygen. Our Moms and Dads aren’t scientists – and they don’t test for that. So assuming the system works as the testing has proven, our parents strictly look at how the components work. And they work together well! Our Moms and Dads loved how the storage/feeding bottle connects to the vacuum storage cap, that connects to the vacuum pump. After vacuuming, use the storage/feeding bottle with a vented top or with the insulated feeding bottle. It all works together – and it all just flat out works. And for our parents – that is all the functionality they can ask for.

In a blind survey our parents priced the MilkBank between $20 and $30. With an actual retail price of just under $25 the group was right on. Our Moms and Dads expected the system to cost a few dollars, after all, it incorporates a lot of different pieces. And they were all please to find out the actual pricing was right in line with what they were hoping for.

There are a variety of storage options out there for breastmilk, so that isn’t exactly a brand new industry. However, MilkBank takes the idea of breastmilk storage to a whole new level. They’ve researched the topic. They studies the nutritional value of stored breastmilk. And they figured out ways to make sure the breastmilk Moms pump and store for their children is as healthy as possible. Put that all together and you’ve got a smart spin on a smart idea. And our Moms and Dads approved!

Overall, MilkBank was a hit with our Moms and Dads. First off – it’s priced right (and in most cases that is one of the most important factors). Next – the system all works very well together. And finally – it’s made to last. Add it all up and you’ve got a system for storing milk that comes extremely highly recommended from our Mom and Dad review team!

Manufacturer: Dex Baby
Recommended Age: Newborn-3 years
Retail Price: $24.99 for Starter Kit
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