Lambs & Ivy Cuddle Blanket Gift Set

The Monkey Cuddle Blanket Gift Set from Lambs & Ivy includes a cuddle monkey blanket (measuring 18″ x 18″) and three cotton flannel receiving blankets (measuring 30″ x 30″). The entire set is tied with tulle for gift giving!

By their nature alone each part of this Gift Set is certainly easy to use! You can’t get any easier than a cuddle blankie and receiving blankets. The part that our Moms and Dads found most appealing for the ease of use category is how nicely it is all packaged and ready to go for the perfect gift! What’s easier than picking up one item that has a number of adorable gifts all packaged and ready for the giving!

Through the course of normal drooling on, pulling at and washing, our Moms and Dads were happy to report they saw no breakdown of either the cuddle blankie or receiving blankets. In fact some of our Moms were happy to report that the receiving blankets seemed to even be softer after a little use.

Absolutely adorable! Simply put – the little monkey cuddle blankie is just so cute – and the receiving blankets are a soft, delightful addition.

The cuddle blankie is a stuffed animal and blanket wrapped in one. And the receiving blankets, are, well, receiving blankets – soft and cozie. They all aren’t exactly made for exceptional functionality, but like so many of Lambs & Ivy’s products – they do just what they are designed for and they do it well!

This was probably our Moms and Dads favorite category. In a blind survey, their price guesses average out right around $25. With an actual retail price of between $21 and $25 our families were thrilled to find the perfect baby gift at the perfect baby price.

Similar to the functionality category, there isn’t anything overly original about a cuddle blankie and receiving blankets. But…Lambs & Ivy just know what they are doing! They packaged the cuddle blankie with receiving blankets in the perfect gift giving package. So they didn’t exactly invent anything new – they just put a really good spin on some newborn favorites!

Overall the review team really liked Lamb & Ivy’s Cuddle Blanket Gift Set. Like all of Lamb & Ivy’s products, this was just plain old adorable. And they packaged a perfect number of newborn necessities in a perfectly priced gift set. If you’re looking for that baby gift, you can’t do any better than the Cuddle Blanket Gift Set!

Manufacturer: Lambs & Ivy
Recommended Age: 1 - 3 years
Retail Price: $21.99 - $24.99
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