Er-u-di-tion is a board game designed to jump-start your child’s road to reading by incorporating over 300 sight words and the letters of the alphabet in a fun game. Erudition takes emergent readers on an adventure through literacy land complete with common landmarks and street signs. The first player to reach the library is the winner! Players of all reading levels can participate with game cards designed for varying skill sets.
The sight word game cards include syllabication and simple definitions to assist in word decoding, word pronunciation and reading comprehension. Through repetitive interaction with basic phonic sounds, sight words and their definitions, emergent readers enhance their reading skills while playing a fun game.

A game that helps teach children as young as three and four how to read…hmmm…sounds like this will be an impossible task…or just another game for the junk pile, right? Wrong! Erudition is fun – and it really does work by helping children just learning to read use sight assist in learning words. Our review team was definitely pleased with how quickly and easily kids were able to pick up the game play – grab the dice and get moving! And with cards/words designed for varying skill sets and levels – a wide range of children can all play at the same time. Our parents were most thrilled, and sure to point out, how refreshing it was to see older children even helping the younger children sound through words!

Erudition is made well to last long! The box, board and card are all durable and ready to handle pretty much anything your kids can throw at them during the normal course of game play. No cause for concern here.

Well made – bright, fun colorful cards. And the best part is this game just encourages interaction. So…start up a game like we did, and watch the kids flock to it. Now that is visual appeal!

Erudition is a fun game to play – and not just because of the topic or questions – but because it moves through game play well. And like we mentioned before, there are different levels of questions for children of different skill levels. This makes Erudition and fun game for 8 year olds to play with 4 year olds – that is the type of adaptability and functionality are reviewers love.

In a blind survey our review team priced Erudition between $20 and $25. With an actual retail price of $24.99 – the review team was happy to be right on for once! For the price, the amount of game play, and the durability factor – you can’t go wrong with Erudition.

There are other games, flash cards and tools out there to help children learn to read. Some are even designed to help them sound out words. Our review team was definitely impressed however, with how well Erudition accomplishes this task. With encouragement, fun game play and older children even assisting younger kids our team felt that Erudition was definitely a new spin.

Overall our review team really liked Erudition. The game played extremely well, and children of a variety of skill levels and ages had fun playing (and don’t tell them, but they were learning at the same time!). Erudition is durable, so it will last long, and as your child advances their level of reading, the game can grow with them. Nicely done!

Manufacturer: Acumen Associates
Recommended Age: 4 - 8 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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