Speed Bag by the Burn Machine

The Speed Bag is the go anywhere portable model for the “on the go” workout. The fully chromed Speed Bag Burn MachineĀ® works great when used sitting or standing and can be very helpful as a physical therapy aid. Available in both an Intermediate (8 pound) and Professional (12 pound) model.

Let’s just say, we don’t get many pieces of fitness equipment come across the desk of our review team. With that in mind, Moms and Dads, especially Moms of newborns were very excited to get their hands on this little number! So, is it easy to use? Absolutely! The Speed Bag from Burn Machine is simple to operate. Does that mean the workouts aren’t going to be challenging? Absolutely not!

With the Speed Bag the most obvious workout was mimicking boxing moves – similar to working a punching bag. Anchor your midsection with your abdominal muscles, and you’ll learn as quickly as our review team did, this is a serious piece of equipment.

The thing that our Moms and Dads liked best was that the workouts moves were intuitive and easy to pick up. With the included poster you’ll have all of the tools to put together a workout consisting of plenty of different exercises. Our review team wants to make sure you are clear on this – the workout is a tough one, but learning the moves isn’t!

When our review team grabbed hold of The Speed Bag there was absolutely no reason to believe this piece of equipment would break down – ever! Made of durable steel with solid construction the Speed Bag should last as long as you do!

Top notch! The Speed Bag doesn’t look like some cheap workout device, but a true piece of heavy-duty equipment. And take one look at someone working out with the Speed Bag and you’ll be grabbing at it just like our review team did. It looks fun – and it is! It looks easy to operate – and it is! It looks like an easy workout – nope!

The Speed Bag looks like a simple tool for exercise – and it is. But don’t let the looks fool you. There is more than fifty different exercises that you can do using The Speed Bag. And with the included exercise poster you’ll be trying them all out in no time at all. Our review team was absolutely thrilled by the variety of workouts and the broad range of muscles that can be targeted.

This was the only category that threw our review team for a loop. in a blind survey the team priced The Speed Bag between $75 and $100. With an actual retail price between $130 and $150 the team was a little taken back. Keep in mind, The Speed Bag is made so well, and operates so well that our team didn’t have any problem with the function, they just would have liked the pricing to be a little more affordable.

Five stars here for sure! Not a single member of our review team had ever seen anything quite like The Speed Bag. Innovative design, incredible function and one heck of a workout – this is absolutely original!

Overall our review team was incredibly impressed with The Speed Bag by The Burn Machine. Other than the price which the team would have liked a little lower, the review team thought this was one awesome piece of fitness equipment. The exercises were easy to learn and easy to start working with, but the work was hard! It performs well and is going to last a lifetime. If you’re ready to shed a bit of that extra baby weight, the Speed Bag will have you well on your way!

Manufacturer: The Burn Machine
Recommended Age: 16 years +
Retail Price: $129-$149
On the Web: www.theburnmachine.com
Buy It Here: