Campus LG Backpack

Dakine’s Campus LG Pack includes an internal padded laptop sleeve, insulated cooler pocket, organizer pocket, fleece lined sunglass pocket and mesh side pockets. The maximum laptop size that will fit inside the bag is 15 x 11 x 1.5″. This bag is also available in a smaller size and a variety of patterns.

Nothing complicated here! Hand a backpack over to a teen or tween and get out of the way – especially a backpack that doubles as a laptop bag. Strap adjustments are easy, and all zippers and pockets accommodate exactly what they are supposed to. Doesn’t get any easier.

We put our backpacks through pretty rugged, pretty rough and tumble testing (translation – we give them to kids, and they do their worst!). All users reported that the backpacks were no worse for the wear. All seams held up well, and all zippers kept performing. No cause for concern here.

Awesome! Dakine is known for awesome gear and killer styles – and the Campus LG Bag doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re searching for a simple, solid color, or a jazzed up sporty design, Dakine offers it all with the Campus LG Bag. Not just functional – stylish too.

Ooops, did we jump the gun on functional up above?! Well…the Campus LG Backpack is definitely functional. Laptop storage, fleece lined pocket for sunglasses, an insulate cooler pocket, mesh pickets on the side – this bag has pockets and places for everything. Best of all – it doubles as a roomy, awesome backpack while it carries all of your important pieces.

In a blind survey our parents priced the Dakine Campus LG Backpack between $35 and $40. With an actual retail price of $50, it is a bit higher than the team would have liked. With that said, everyone agreed – you get what you pay for. And while this bag may be a bit more expensive than your cheap bags, it’s well worth the added cost with the function and durability (and style) it packs.

Well…it is a backpack…so there isn’t anything too overly original there. The designs and colors are cool, but there are other bags out there that have fun patterns. The key here is the combination of the laptop bag, insulated cooler and additional pockets. While none are exactly groundbreaking, they do come together nicely in this backpack.

Overall the team loved the Dakine Campus LG Backpack. It packs tons of function and has plenty of room to lug around all of your gear -laptops, MP3 players, cell phones and more all have a comfy home. The pricing is a bit on the high end when it comes to backpacks, but again, if you don’t mind paying a few more dollars for quality, you won’t be disappointed. And most important of all – it passes the teen and tween cool test – which is usually the deciding factor in a purchase like this! Great backpack!

Manufacturer: Dakine
Recommended Age: 10 years and up
Retail Price: $50.00
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