Groovy Girls Aqualina Mermain, Snowflake Sofie and Mushtastic Dogsled Kids Toy Product Review


Manufacturer: Manhattan Toy
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: Sophie - $18.00
Mermaid - $20.00, Dogsled - $25.00
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Groovy Girls Aqualina Mermain, Snowflake Sofie and Mushtastic Dogsled Kids Toy Product Review


Groovy Girls, by Manhattan Toys, are a family of soft fashion dolls intended to inspire girls to celebrate personal style, diversity and the power of friendship.  Snowflake Sophie and Aqualina Mermaid are a Special Edition Groovy Girls.  Snowflake Sophie is spirited, confident and promotes self-expression.  Aqualina Mermaid has long tresses and a “fin” tail that slips on and off over her legs and feet.

The Mushtastic Dogsled has been built to seat one Groovy Girl doll.  The sled comes with a husky dog in a removable harness, a seatbelt and hand straps for a secure mush through the wilderness and off into the winter wonderland.

Nothing complicated here!  Turn the Groovy Girls and Mushtastic Dogsled over to a group of kids and watch the creative, fun play begin!  The girls on our team especially enjoyed playing with the Groovy Girls clothing and pretend play with the Dogsled.  Easy as can be!

With extended play time we saw no reason to be concerned in the durability department.  Our girls handled, positioned, dressed and undressed the dolls with no signs of breakdown.  No worries here!

From the looks on the faces of the little girls on our review team, we’d have to say five stars for sure!  Many of the girls were familiar with the Groovy Girls line, and those that weren’t were happy to quickly acquaint themselves to it!  The Groovy Girls have long hair, bright colors and interesting outfits and accessories to catch their eyes!

The Groovy Girls don’t sing and dance on their own.  Their are no flashing lights or catchy phrases.  But believe us, it’s kind of a relief to see some good old fashioned fun dolls!  They don’t perform tricks for you, but in your little girl’s hands they do plenty of entertaining!

With the dolls priced between $18-$20 and the Dogsled priced at $25, these toys certainly aren’t off the charts.  In a blind survey our parent priced them slightly lower (about $5 less on each), but the actual retail pricing for these toys is definitely not outrageous.

Dolls are nothing new.  And neither are dolls with outfits and accessories.  But our girls and their parents really fell for the Groovy Girls.  They are bright, fun, original designs that had the little ones playing and smiling.

Overall our review team just loved Groovy Girls.  Honestly, ask a little girl what she thinks about these brightly colored dolls and they’ll be happily playing before you even get an answer!  They are priced fairly, super visual and definitely durable.  Five stars it is!