Fun Flashing Sippy Cups from ElectroStar Baby Drinking Product Review

ElectroStar’s Fun Flashing Sippy Cups are available in three styles: fairies, sports and dinosaurs. LEDs light up when child sips from the cup and automatically turns off after several seconds. The sippy cups are 100% BPA free and meet CPSIA testing standards. The lid and cup are dishwasher safe. The base is removable for cleaning and battery replacement.

Easy is an an understatement! Fill up the Fun Flashing Sippy Cup with your child’s favorite drink, hand it over and watch their eyes light up, when the lights light up with the first sip! To save batteries, the cup automatically turns off after a few seconds too! Our Moms and Dads were especially pleased that both the cup and top were dishwasher safe, and the bottom was easily removable. Easy? You bet!

Our parents found no cause for concern in the durability department. As strong as any other sippy cup, the Fun Flashing Sippy Cup held up just fine. In our limited testing, the batteries did not wear out, but remember, they are replaceable so no big deal there.

Are you kidding? A flashing sippy cup for kids?! The kids on our team couldn’t have been any happier! And once they discovered the difference, they were grabbing for their flashy cup every time!

Well…it still is just a sippy cup – so there isn’t exactly tons of functionality here. On the plus note, it definitely works as a sippy cup, and it definitely lights up.

Fun Flashing Sippy Cups are absolutely competitively priced. Our parents happily compared the pricing of these cups, to the others on the market – and they are right in line – even with the flashing lights!

Not a single parent on our review team had ever seen a sippy cup quite like this. Yes, they’ve seen colorful. Yes, they’ve seen cups with fun characters on them. But absolutely not – no one has ever seen a sippy cup that lights up!

Five stars it is! Our parents and their little ones really loved Fun Flashing Sippy Cups. We know – it’s just a sippy cup – but it really has a lot going for it. The cup only lights up when your children drink out of it, which will encourage them finishing their liquids. And just as important, it is made safe, made to last and priced fairly. Fun, bright and colorful – our team all agreed this is definitely a five star product!

Manufacturer: Electrostar
Recommended Age: 12 months +
Retail Price: $7.49
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