Jacquard Products Dye Kits and Fabric Markers Kids Arts and Crafts Product Review

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Jacquard Products has reintroduced the form of natural indigo dying to the at-home dyer with the Indigo Dye Kit. The Indigo Dye Kit will dye up to 15 yards, or five pounds of natural fabric (approximately 15 t-shirts). Included in each kit is a packet of pre-reduced Indigo, reducing agent, gloves, rubber bands, two wooden blocks, quick start instructions and a full-length instruction booklet with dye patterns and a historical and cultural overview of indigo dye. To use the kit, the indigo dye packet and reducing agent are mixed into four gallons of warm water and stirred until dissolved. The pot is covered with a lid and left to settle for 15 to 30 minutes (fabrics can be folded and tied during this time). Fabric being dyed is then wet with water and submerged into the dye container for at least a minute. Fabric is removed from the container and allowed to oxidize for 20 minutes. Once oxidized, it is recommended that the fabric is rinsed and washed with a mild detergent.

The Funky Groove Tie Dye Kit provides an introduction to the art of tie dye. The kit includes pre-measured dye in red, blue and yellow as well as a 1/3 pound Dye Fixer, three Squirt (mixing) bottles, a pair of rubber gloves, a bunch of rubber bands and instructions with suggested tying patterns.

TeeJuice Fabric Markers are intended to be used on a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, synthetic fibers, canvas and leather. Designs are washable by setting the color with an iron for two to three minutes. The non-toxic TeeJuice markers come in three sizes – broad tip, medium point and fineline. Colors available in all threes sizes include Golden Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Chocolate Brown, Orange, Purple and Emerald Green. The pens are available individually or in box sets.

Our reviewers agreed that for these type of projects, Jacquard Products has tried to make them much easier than if you were to jump in without a kit. Most things you need are within the boxes, however, setup does take a considerable amount of time. While the products are recommended for those five and up, we found our youngsters were a little too impatient for the setup and wait times, but the pre-teens were very excited to make a creation. One side note – if you’re working on the project with your kids, you’ll need some additional rubber gloves on hand. As for the TeeJuice Fabric Markers – they’re extremely easy to use – no one had any problems writing away with them.

Our panel discussed this category at length, because, the type of project really must be looked at from two sides to determine the actual durability – as an arts and crafts project as well as a finished product. As for the arts and crafts portion, our panel agreed that the kits are not extremely durable as once you start the project, you must have intentions of completing. The Tie Dye Kit does allow you to save the dye for a couple weeks, while the Indigo Dye Kit will last a few days; however, once you’re done, you’re done! As for the finished product – our reviewers were amazed. The pieces washed very well when the instructions were followed and the colored remained vivid – much more vivid than anyone on our panel could remember from previous use with dies of this variety.

Wow! Talk about bright – our panel was skeptical, especially with the Tie Dye Kit, as only three colors are included – red, blue and yellow; however, wait until you see the colors you can create! We know that yellow and blue makes green and red and yellow make orange – but many times when you’re dying, things can just turn out brown…not so here! You don’t have to be a professional dyer to get your project to turn out great! In addition, the TeeJuice Fabric Markers do what they’re intended to – write well on fabric in a wide variety of colors.

Again, our team decided to look at this project from two sides – arts and crafts and finished piece of work. As an arts and crafts project, all parts are certainly functional. Our panel’s only issue with the Tie Dye Kit was the instructions – they’re a little comic-like, so at times, a little difficult to follow when in the middle of the project (with hands in gloves and dye squirting). The Indigo Dye Kit, on the other hand, includes very professional instructions. As for the project itself, as noted in the durability category, there’s only so much that can be done within a fairly short period of time; however, the end result is a great piece of work that can be worn or used again and again.

Pretty good deal overall! The Indigo Dye Kit is a little on the expensive side, but not out of the ballpark based on other products in its category. As for the Tie Dye Kit, our panel felt it was a bargain – by the time you’d by the individual dyes, squirt bottles and soda ash dye fixer, you would have easily spent more than the $12 the product is offered for. The TeeJuice Fabric Markers are in the range of other fabric markers of their style, so no issues there.

We can’t say we haven’t seen all of these types of projects or items before. Our panel liked the “kit” idea as it makes the task of dying a little less daunting, especially for first-timers. The TeeJuice Fabric Markers aren’t new, however, the colors offered are somewhat unique and provide Jacquard Products with a little bit of an edge.

Need some rainy day projects for the closet? Have some kids sleeping over and want something fun for them to do? Jacquard Products Dye Kits and TeeJuice Fabric Markers won’t disappoint. Just be sure to have some extra rubber gloves on hand and you’ll have a house full of happy kids.

Manufacturer: Jacquard Products
Recommended Age: 5 years +
Retail Price: Products sold separately: Indigo Dye Kit - $19.95, Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit - $11.95, TeeJuice Fabric Markers - $2.99, (Individual Medium Point)
On the Web: www.jacquardproducts.com
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