HABA Ducky Duck Pulling Animal

HABA’s Ducky Duck pull toy is a wooden toy that relies on toddler power to run across the floor. Kids can pull the string to take him along. The duck is made from beech wood, measures 6″ x 6″, and is colored in orange and yellow.

Aaaahhh a pull along duck toy….it doesn’t get any easier than that! Now…convincing a one year old to pull it – that’s a different story! But, once our little ones got the hang of it – they loved it. And when it comes to toddlers – hand it over and get out of the way – they know just what to do with this little Ducky Duck!

Pull after pull, drop after drop, our review team found no reason to worry about the durability of Ducky Duck – he’ll take the beating your little ones can dole out without any breakdown!

Our parents all loved Ducky Duck’s looks – he really is adorable! But it is the kids that count, and Ducky Duck’s bright colors and fun action had them all happily smiling and playing!

Ducky Duck is a pull toy – and well, with a little help from your little ones can be pulled everywhere. It isn’t designed to do much else (and it doesn’t), but as far as entertaining pull toys go, Ducky Duck is a success!

Whoa! In a blind survey our parents priced Ducky Duck between $10 and $15. He is definitely well made, but with an actual retail price of $36 we did see a few of our parents’ mouths drop open. $36 is a high price to pay for a simple wood toy, especially when there are so many others on the market. That’s not to say that Ducky Duck isn’t colorful and fun, he’s just expensive.
Edtitor’s Note: Since the original review, pricing has been lowered to $26.99 – closer to the range our parents had hoped for.

There is nothing too new or original about a pull toy. Ducky Duck is definitely a fun toy, but not exactly an original or groundbreaking idea.

Overall Ducky Duck is a cute, brightly colored and fun pull toy. He is really well made, and should be a lasting member of your child’s toy box. The only real issue here is cost – and for many of our parents that would be a barrier to purchase. On the other hand, if you can afford the high price, you won’t find a better made, or cuter, pull toy for your little one!

Manufacturer: HABA
Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Retail Price: $26.99
On the Web: www.HABAusa.com
Buy It Here: