Rock Concert I, II, III & IV

Creative Image’s Rock Concert Series is ready to hang artwork featuring a drum set, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and microphone. All Art4Kids brand wall decor is glassless for safety in a child’s world. Each art print is laminated and mounted to a wooden base and finished with a beveled edge in a complementary color. The art can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

A product like a picture wouldn’t normally earn too many stars in the ease of use category – but our parents were sure to comment how easy it was to hang each of these pictures. Instead of tricky wires to fuss with, there is a small indent on the back of each picture that helps these pictures hang easily on the wall. And each picture is cut to the exact same size, with a pre-mounted, sturdy wire hanger placed carefully in the exact same spot, which made this series easy to line-up on the wall.

Each picture in the Rock Concert Series from Creative Images is laminated, mounted to a wooden base and finished with a beveled edge. There is no glass used and really no frame. What you do have is very durable, very safe, and very cleanable pieces of artwork. In the event that drinks splash or food smudges all of these pictures will wipe clean. And, our parents noted, in the worst case if a picture “accidentally” gets bounced off a wall in an in-home most pit, there is no glass to shatter. As far as pictures go, this is durability.

Really, really cool! If you have kids in this teen and tween age range you know how difficult it can be to convince them to put something on their wall that isn’t a poster. Our musically inclined kids were definitely down with these pictures. They have a cool, grown-up look that our teens weren’t “embarrassed” to add to their walls!

The pictures in the Rock Concert Series aren’t very large in size, and their price tag is in line. in a blind survey our parents priced each picture right around $20 – and with an actual retail price of $25 they were pretty close. You’d be looking at $100 for the set of four, but our parents thought this was definitely fair.

Absolutely original! Our teens and parents have seen posters of bands that come and go, but both groups agreed this series was something that could last throughout the years. Cool images and a subject that won’t be a one hit wonder!

Overall our parents and their teens were definitely impressed with the Rock Concert Series. The pictures are perfect for a teens room, they are well made, and absolutely affordable. Rock on!

Manufacturer: Creative Images
Recommended Age: 11 - 18 years
Retail Price: $24 (each sold separately)
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