Garden Party Create-A-Name Wall Art and Growth Chart

The Garden Party Create-A-Name Wall Art and Growth Chart are pieces of ready to hang artwork that include letters for parents to spell their child’s name prior to hanging. All Art4Kids brand wall decor is glassless for safety in a child’s world. The art print is laminated, mounted to a wooden base and finished with a beveled edge in white. The art can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

When we review toys for ease of use there is usually a lot of talk about instructions and moving pieces. When it comes to pictures, well, there isn’t exactly any working parts. At least that’s what our parents were expecting! No, there’s no bells or whistles, but these pictures are totally customizable with stick-on letters to add a custom touch to each design. The stickers attach easily, no tricky rubbing or glue required. Each picture is also easy to hang with a sturdy, pre-mounted wire hanger on the back.

Both pictures in the Garden set are laminated, mounted to a wooden base and finished with a beveled edge. There is no glass used and really no frame. What you do have is very durable, very safe, and very cleanable pieces of artwork. In the event that little hands smudge or add fingerprints all of these pictures will wipe clean. And, our parents noted, in the worst case if a picture “accidentally” gets hit by a ball or something and knocked off the wall, there is no glass to shatter. As far as pictures go, this is durability!

Absolutely adorable! If you have a little girly-girl, this design is the perfect compliment to their room. Bright, fun colors and a truly girl-friendly design. Our little girls loved it!

This could have been one of those categories that got skipped, but our parent’s wouldn’t let it happen! They wanted everyone to know how easy it was to customize each picture with the included letters. This customizability was big hit and our Moms and Dads wanted you to know it was easy to do!

Well…the pictures aren’t inexpensive. Yes they are well made, and yes they are customizable, but our parents didn’t expect the price to be quite this high. Our parents figured right around $40 each, but the actual retail price is $56 each – a bit higher than they would have liked.

Pieces of art that are customizable at home – that’s original! Our parents had seen some super expensive pieces that they would have to pay to customize and few were interested – but these pieces are different. They are bright, fun and easy to make your own. That’s original!

Original! Adorable! Customizable! And durable! That’s lots of praise for the Garden Party series – and it is well deserved! These pictures are the perfect compliment to a little girls’ room and extra special with the addition of their names. Our little girls loved them – and yours will too!

Manufacturer: Creative Images
Recommended Age: Infant - 6 years
Retail Price: $56 (each)
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