The Co-Zee is intended to provide a unique solution to assure sleep protection for a baby in their parent’s bed. Co-sleeping has been known to allow babies to get a good night’s sleep, feeling more relaxed and secure while naturally encouraging bonding and reassurance.

The Co-Zee fits between parents giving both parents immediate access to baby to comfort and soothe. Mothers can breastfeed (or fathers can bottle feed) without getting out of bed. Additionally, the Co-Zee features an adjustable nightlight at the head for assistance during nighttime care, as well as a tray for holding a bottle and pacifier. The Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor can be installed (sold separately) to detect baby’s movements associated with breathing.

All of our parents found the Co-Zee super easy to use. It takes a few adjustments out of the package and it’s ready to go. Our Moms and Dads liked the flexibility of being able to open up both sides of the Co-Zee, and they loved the unique additions of the bottle holder and nightlight. It doesn’t get any easier than the Co-Zee.

After several night of use, movement and adjustments, none of our parents found any cause for concern in the durability department. The Co-Zee certainly seems well-made and ready to stand up to the daily use a baby calls for.

The Co-Zee comes in both light blue or light pink, styled for baby boys or baby girls. Some of our parents would have liked a little more choice in colors and pattern, but that really wasn’t a major concern. Some of our parents felt that the Co-Zee appeared a little bulky, others felt it was just right. Mixed reviews, yet mostly on the positive side, when it comes to visual appeal.

Our parents all loved how much functionality was packed into this little sleeper. It fits perfectly in bed between Mom and Dad, and the arms are flexible to open up to either side. The bottle holder and the light were great touches.

Having never seen a product quite like this, our parents were at a loss on how to price it. In a blind survey they priced the Co-Zee between $50 and $75. With an actual retail price of $99 the Co-Zee is priced considerably higher than some of our parents would have liked. On the other hand, some of our parents that did allow their newborns to sleep in bed with them felt that the pricing was more than fair to keep their baby safe.

Not a single parent on our review team had ever seen anything quite like the Co-Zee – a tool designed to keep your baby safe sleeping in your own bed. Absolutely original!

There were definitely mixed reviews among our parents in whether or not a newborn should sleep in the same bed with their parents. But, there were no mixed reviews on the product itself. It worked perfectly, keeping babies comfortable and safe in bed with Mom and Dad. It has added function with a bottle holder and nightlight. If you believe in allowing your newborn to sleep in your bed and you’re looking for a safe option, this is it.