Babysense V Infant Infant Movement Monitor

The Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor detects if there is no movement for 20 seconds by baby or less than 10 micro-movements per minute – and sounds an alarm to alert the caregiver.

Babysense V has sensitive, large and passive sensor pads, placed under the baby’s mattress. The sensor pads are connected to a small, battery operated control unit clipped to the side of baby’s bed. There is no connection to any electrical outlet and there are no loose wires. The pads constantly monitor the baby’s every movement. Registered by the high speed microprocessor control unit, movement triggers the flash of a green light. If movement stops for 20 seconds or if Babysense detects less than 10 micro-movements per minute, an alarm will sound. Should the alarm sound, a parent or caregiver will be able to come to the aid of the sleeping baby.

Included in the package are a control unit, the two sensor panels, a connecting cable and a hanging bracket. The control unit has one-button activation with a safety cover, a green light flashing to indicate movement, a red alert alarm light and a low battery indicator light.

Babysense V is not a medical device. Premature and high-risk infants should be under supervision of a doctor or health professional.

When it comes to baby products, our parents look for one thing first and foremost – ease of use! For some our the parents on our review team a movement monitor was something they were looking forward to trying out, for others it wasn’t something they felt was necessary. When it came to ease of use all agreed, the Babysense V Monitor came through well. It set up easy and worked well without major adjustment. Yes, there were some false alarms, but nothing that minor adjustments couldn’t fix. Our parents were sure to note that as your baby grows, or if you have a baby that moves around, you’ll want to use both pads and place them strategically in the crib. Our parents were also pleased at the portability – it’s easy to put in a crib then move to a bassinet.

None of our parents raised any durability questions. The unit can be plugged in for continuous operation, or you can use 2 AA batteries. Otherwise, no worries here!

When it comes to functionality all of our parents were pleased with how well the unit works. If there is no movement the alarm is going to go off. It can be powered by an ordinary outlet or by batteries. The only issue that came up were false alarms – and that was due to coverage. With the false alarms in mind the group couldn’t see fit to offering all five stars in this category.

In a blind survey our parents priced this right around $100. With an actual retail price of just under $130 it was priced a bit more than the average. However, and this is a big however, for parents that this issue was truly a concern, they felt that no price would be too much to pay; that the difference of $30 was nothing compared to the safety of their children.

There are a few other baby movement monitors on the market, but none quite like the Babysense V. This monitor is unique in design and function, and our parents were happy with the thought that went into design.

Our parents were definitely split when it came to the need for a product like this – some were definitely motivated to use it, others were more skeptical. One thing they all agreed on – it works. If there is no movement in the crib, the alarm will chirp, then sound. Thankfully, none of our babies or parents found themselves in emergency situations, and truthfully even bringing up the subject brought some nervous feelings to our families. With that in mind, they were all pleased with the performance. Some felt the monitor was overpriced, others said there would be no limit in how much they would pay. Add it all together and you’ve got a well thought out, well designed product that may not be for all parents. For the parents that were interested in a monitor like this, the Babysense V was the perfect monitor.

Manufacturer: BabySafe USA
Recommended Age: Birth to 1 year
Retail Price: $129.95
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