ENELL Sports Bra


The ENELL Sports Bra was designed for superior support and comfort for well-endowed women. The bra has a vest-like style with front hook and eye closures intended to make it easy to get in and out of even when sweaty from an intense workout. The wide shoulder straps and the encapsulation and compression design, aim to evenly distribute the weight of your breasts. The high neckline and full back with cross straps are made for comfort, to enhance posture, and to provide support.

The ENELL Sports Bra includes NATUREXX wicking treatment to transfer moisture away from the body, intended to keep users cool and comfortable during intense workouts.

For nursing moms, ENELL recommends that you workout as soon after breastfeeding as possible, and then after the workout, switch over to your normal breast-feeding bra. The bra is not recommended for all day wear while nursing.

First time is a little rough – but once our moms were used to it – getting the bra on was easy! Some reported back that they found it easier to snap before putting on, then pulling overhead like an everyday sports bra; but, when it came time to take off, undoing the snaps was a cinch. Moms commented that the removal of the bra part was amazing, considering how difficult it can sometimes be to get a sports bra off after a hot and sweaty work-out!

Like many bras, the ENELL Sports Bra is machine washable, but must be hung out to dry. After multiple washes our bras showed no signs of wear and tear. They look like bras that will be able to be worn and worn for years to come.

This category got a little chuckle from our well-endowed moms; there are a variety of colors available although we were specifically reviewing the white sports bra. Our moms didn’t feel that they’d ever leave the house in just the bra as some of the pictures in the company’s brochure may suggest – however, the bra fits just fine under t-shirts that our moms felt comfortable working out in. For those that have a greater comfort level, they may chose to wear the bra without any cover up.

Our moms agreed that for their body type this is “the ultimate” in sports bras! We put the bra to the test – from running to other high-energy, fast-paced sports, the ENELL Sports Bra offered superior support (barely any bouncing!). Even just for everyday at-home workouts our moms were quite pleased with the results. And when the work-outs were over, the ease of taking the bra off was not to be ignored – this was one of our moms favorite characteristics of the bra – the front hook and eye closures made it a breeze to take it off of their hot, sweaty bodies. For our nursing mom, she felt secure in the bra, but, of course, wouldn’t suggest it for all day nursing use (it’s not what it’s made for anyway!).

All moms know you pay a price for an awesome bra – and the ENELL Sports Bra is no different. A little pricy, however, our reviewers didn’t feel it was out of range for a high-quality sports bra. It appears to be built to last, so the investment would be worth it.

It is clear that ENELL has come up with something unique for well-endowed women. The way our moms described their “bounceless” experience made other moms want to try it out. In addition, the front hook and eye closures made it different from any other sports bra our moms had tried.

LOVE IT! Our reviewing moms couldn’t stop rambling as to how much they really loved the ENELL Sports Bra – some others on the panel looked at them in awe and said “Really, it’s just a bra!” But our reviewing moms were steadfast – this is not “just a bra”, this is amazing support and unique design that they’ve never seen or felt before. Bring on the marathon – our chesty moms are ready to go!

Manufacturer: ENELL, Inc.
Recommended Age: All Moms
Retail Price: Size 00-4: $64.00, Size 5-8: $66.00
On the Web: www.enell.com
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