Bella Sara™ Royalty Kids Collectible Card Game

Bella Sara™ Royalty is a safe, fun-filled magical world of horses and other characters for children ages 5 and up to expand their imaginations. This line of trading cards was originally launched in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard, Bella Sara inspires pro-social dialogue and inspirational thought with positive messages. Bella Sara products come with positive messaging and a secret code that expands a child’s experience with a virtual online world. By entering these secret codes at, children can enhance their online and offline experiences with games, activities, and caring for their magical horses.

Each pack of Bella Sara cards contains 5 random horse, character and/or treasure cards, 1 random sticker card, 1 random tattoo card, and 1 random Bella Sara Ticket card.

Kids and cards…doesn’t get any easier right? Well, for some of our older children that held true. But when it came to some of the younger kids on the review team a bit of parental involvement was necessary.

First off, the cards themselves are easy enough for kids to enjoy. Obviously some of the younger kids needed parents to help read and explain the details of the various horses.

There are tattoos included with each pack of cards – and all of our kids loved the tattoos. But…here again parents needed to help the younger ones.

And then comes the most exciting part about Bella Sara – the online component. While the online component is set-up for children to be able to enjoy and navigate, it does take a little time to start playing, exploring and enjoying Bella Sara’s online world. Children that have experience with Webkinz will immediately understand the concept, but will still need some help at first. And the youngest member on our review team definitely needed guidance and assistance. If you’ve never worked on a computer with a young child you’ll see they think they know what to do, even when they don’t, so you’ll not only need to bring your thinking cap with you, you’ll need to bring your patience!

Trading cards falls into the same category as other collectibles, books, even DVDs and games. If you have a child that takes care of his or her toys, then you should have no concern for durability. But our review team is always sure to point out, if your kids don’t care for their toys so well, you may be having to replace cards over and over again.

Five stars for sure. Put these packs and cards down in front of kids and you’ll see just how visually appealing the designs are! Our kids loved looking at the pictures and reading about the different horses. Add in the visual excitement of Bella Sara’s online world and our team couldn’t have been more impressed!

Each package of Bella Sara Royalty cards includes cards, stickers, tattoos and a ticket card. If the cards, tattoos and stickers weren’t enough – kids use the ticket to go online and explore Bella Sara’s world. For a package of cards that costs just $2.99, it doesn’t get more functional than that!

Oh…did we mention the price just above?! Yes, at $2.99 Bella Sara Royalty cards are a bargain. They are priced right inline with other trading cards and these pack so much more. The stickers and the tattoos probably would have been enough, but when you add in the online component you’ll quickly see that Bella Sara jammed in so much more functionality than could be expected from a pack of trading cards!

Bella Sara Royalty does fall in with some of the other toy/online component products that members of our review team have seen, so this is not a totally new concept. On the plus side, the kids loved the engagement, as did their parents. A safe environment online with interesting characters is a plus, and each card and design is more original than the next.

Overall, our parents and kids definitely enjoyed entering the world of Bella Sara. Our parents especially loved the pricing, and felt that you would get far more than you pay for with each pack. Kids loved the cards themselves, loved the stickers and tattoos, but totally flipped for the online fun! You may find yourself setting up guidelines for how much time you’ll let them spend exploring Bella Sara’s world!

Manufacturer: Hidden City Games
Recommended Age: 5 - 13 years
Retail Price: $2.99
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