Baby Bidou MP3 Player from Brainy Baby

Baby Bidou is a high quality MP3 player and recorder developed for infants and toddlers. This cute MP3 player can be personalized with music or a mother’s voice. Lightweight, shock resistant and suitable for children.

“An MP3 player for your baby? Come on…” Yes, that seemed to be the most popular sentiment coming out of the mouths of members of our review team. That was before they got their hands on this amazing little music player. In no time at all our parents were able to load music to Baby Bidou (although if you choose Baby Bidou will load one of four CDs for you before it even arrives to your house), and then it was time for the real test. In case you were worried – don’t! The babies and toddlers took right to Baby Bidou – figuring out which buttons do what – listening to music, stories – even special recordings of Mom or Dads voice. Yes – it’s cool and easy to use.

The makers of Baby Bidou are sure to point out that they are parents themselves – and knew what they were doing in design! Clearly – they put the necessary thought into this MP3 player. It stood up to the best (and worst) that our babies threw at it – and can easily be wiped clean.

This isn’t an MP3 player designed for adult, teens or even tweens – it’s for infants and toddlers! With that in mind our review team thought this little guy just couldn’t get any cuter. With three different colors available there is a Baby Bidou perfect for every little one. It doesn’t look like an Ipod – but it isn’t supposed to!

Our review team was a bit skeptical on the possible functionality here. But after spending some time with Baby Bidou they were all impressed. Not only are music, stories and voice recordings easy to load – they are easy for baby to access. But even better than that, our review team loved that there are no headphones or earbuds (just a speaker), and they loved that parents could set the volume level and turn Baby Bidou on and off. It certainly seems like they thought of everything when designing these little guys.

In a blind survey our parents priced Baby Bidou between $45 and $60. With an actual retail price of $59.99, Baby Bidou hits the top of their limit – but is within range. After all – this is an MP3 player – and one that is designed for babies and built to last. With that in mind our review team felt Baby Bidou was a bit expensive, but certainly fairly priced.

Are you kidding? Original?! It doesn’t get more original! Not a single member of our review team had seen anything quite like Baby Bidou before!

The parents on our review team – and their babies and toddlers – loved Baby Bidou. It is seriously cool! You can load your babies favorite songs, your own favorite songs even your own voice onto a super-durable MP3 player. It can take a beating and wipe clean. And you can turn it off when you don’t want to hear it anymore! A fantastic way for your baby to interact with and love music of their very own!

Manufacturer: Brainy Baby
Recommended Age: Newborn - 3 years
Retail Price: $59.99
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