Posh Pads Nursing Pads

Posh Pads are washable, organic nursing pads. Posh Pads are made up of one top layer of designer fabrics, two middle layers of Organic Cotton and Bamboo and a bottom layer of soft flannel. Bamboo is used because it is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, deodorizing and biodegradable. Additionally, Bamboo’s inherent thermal characteristics offer breathe-ability, wicking moisture away from the body, lessening the chances of infection.

Posh Pads are available in an array of colors and styles to fit all breastfeeding moms.

Stick ’em in and you’re ready to go. Our breastfeeding moms knew just what to do with them – very easy going in, but a couple moms were a little concerned that there was nothing “sticky” on them to help attach directly to the bra – they were used to sticking them into place so were a little apprehensive as to whether on not they’d stay put inside their bras. There fears subsided, however, once the Posh Pads were worn by a mom a while!

Machine wash! What more can we say? Oh yes, one more thing – the Posh Pads even come in their own small mesh bag to throw in the laundry! How much easier does it get? Our moms did note that even though they are extremely durable (we washed them a couple times to see how they held up…and no problem!), it would certainly be easier just to throw them away like our moms are used to with the disposable variety – while, of course, trying to keep in mind that these are much more eco-friendly!

Can nursing pads really be visually appealing? Our moms never thought it could happen – but, Posh Pads have found a way to make these pads both unique and visually appealing! The question did arise – “Why would we really need good-looking boob pads?” – but those who had nursed before agreed – just to make you feel better about it is good enough reason! Leakage is a disaster and breast pads in general are a little uncomfortable – so anything that can make the mommy and baby feeding process more enjoyable is worth it!

Our testing mom had no issues with functionality when it came to Posh Pads. They worked well – and were able to be used a couple times before washing as long as there was no leakage. Our moms read an idea (presented by one of the company’s sales pieces) to mix different styles of the pads to help remind which side to nurse next – our moms agreed – what a fabulous idea – and, in turn, increase in functionality! Our nursing mom also admitted that she did feel a tad bit “cooler” wearing the Posh Pads versus her old standby disposables.

All good things come with a price tag – our moms guessed the pads would cost around $7, so at just a couple dollars more they’re not totally unreasonable. With some quick figuring our moms guessed they could buy about 60 disposables for the same price (or a little less) – so, really, it would just be a matter of preference. Posh Pads are a little more expensive, but certainly much trendier and eco-friendly!

The inventor of nursing pads was an original – whoever that person was has been a lifesaver (or at least an embarrassment saver) for many women! Posh Pads are most definitely unique in their own right – our moms had never seen designer nursing pads, ones specifically with fun color and such softness. Who knew Bamboo could be so soft?!

Love them! Our moms agreed these are a perfect shower gift add-on for any mom you know that plans on breastfeeding. First time moms may be a little puzzled after they’ve heard how dreadful nursing pads are. Our moms further agreed that they’re even more perfect for second or third-time (or more!) moms who seem to have everything they need to care for their baby! Great product, Posh Pads!

Manufacturer: Posh Pads, LLC
Recommended Age: Nursing moms
Retail Price: $8.95
On the Web: www.myposhpads.com
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