SuperHero Trading Cards Make Your Own Kids Arts and Crafts Product Review

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SuperHero Trading Cards allow kids to personalize their own photos with superhero graphics. Photos are inserted into a self-stick frame and stickers can be added. Each package includes supplies to create four SuperHero Trading Cards including four self-adhesive SuperHero Card frames (which room for kids to write their own superhero powers), and eleven stickers.

Additionally, also available from Action Toys is Curiosity Kits Trading Card Scrapbook (not included) to allow kids to collect and display their cards.

SuperHero Trading Cards are really, really easy to use! For the younger kids on our review team, a little adult guidance and help was needed…but the older kids took to this project in no time! There are simple directions to follow – place the picture carefully, then add the stickers you want – and the kids on our review team had no problem figuring it out! Then they flipped the cards over and added their custom super-powers. Super easy – super fun!

All of the cards and stickers are made well. The only concern that came up is that some of the younger kids wanted to take off stickers and put other ones on to make the cards over and over again – but this wasn’t an issue with the older kids. If your kids treat the cards properly – no durability worries here!

This is one of those times that from the looks on our kids faces, we’d like to have a chance to give more than five stars! The kids just loved transforming their pictures into SuperHeroes – and who could blame them – the super versions of themselves just looked cool! Great job here – five stars isn’t enough!

SuperHero Trading Cards definitely pack in some function. It is an art project that allows kids to really enjoy creating their own SuperHero profile. The only issue here was, as was mentioned before, some of the kids would have liked to be able to remove the stickers and recreate new SuperHeroes again and again. Other than that, the team was pleased with the functionality.

With each package only supplying enough materials to create four SuperHero Cards – our parents were skeptical on pricing. In a blind survey they suggested pricing should fall between $5 and $10. With an actual retail price of $5.00 – not only were they surprised – they were thrilled! Look – this set doesn’t have hundred of cards and components – but for $5 the opportunity to create 4 SuperHero Cards is more than affordable!

We’ve seen sports trading cards for kids – but we’ve never seen SuperHero cards that are totally customizable! And neither had any of the members on our review team. Not only creative and fun – but absolutely original!

Five super stars all the way! The kids loved, loved, loved creating their SuperHero personas. The cards are easy to use, look absolutely fantastic and definitely fairly priced. Add it all up and you have a five star winner that kids and parents will enjoy working on together! Great job!

Manufacturer: Action Toys, Inc.
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $5.00
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