I Dig Bugs: Arachno Dig Kids Arts & Crafts Educational Toy Product Review

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With the Arachno Dig excavation kit, young scientists are set to discover how creepy and cool spiders can be, up-close and personal. Arachnid enthusiasts are encouraged to dig to discover the embedded amulet containing a preserved spider, in addition to other spiders that can be found inside. Once out, spiders can be examined with the included magnifying glass and the fact poster is intended to help teach about creepy, crawly spiders.

Within the I Dig Bugs: Arachno Dig, users will find a sand block, steel tools, glasses (for eye protection), a magnifying glass, a full color facts poster and a necklace string for option to wear the acrylic charm.

Out of the box and ready to roll – I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig has everything you need for your junior excavator! Our review team was excited to see how easily their kids were able to get set-up, get dressed-up and get to the fun part – the digging! The steel tools make the digging easy-to-do and they provide a “real-life” feeling to the fun. And with the safety goggles and magnifying glass your kids will be happily working along in no time!

All of the pieces included with I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig are made strong and well. While the safety glasses are not truly rated for safety, they will help keep any flying dirt out of your children’s eyes. And the steel tools are items your kids will be able to play with long after the initial digging is done.
One concern that did arise is that after your kids work through the included sand block and find the spiders, the fun is sort of over. However Action Products, the maker of the I Dig Bugs line, does sell the sand blocks with preserved bugs separately – so if you your children really take to the exploring, you won’t be forced to buy the entire set again.

It’s really, really cool looking! All of the children this was placed in front of, boys and girls, really got excited to dig their hands in! And when the digging was complete, all of our kids were thrilled with the real spider preserved in clear acrylic and the plastic spiders they found along the way!

I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig is a fun activity – and it certainly does what it sets out to do – get kids digging and searching to find cool spiders. Again, the only concern is that once the digging is complete, you’ll be forced to purchase extra sand blocks. Kids with active imaginations (or big backyards!) can keep the fun going through pretend play or exploration, but they won’t be guaranteed to find anything without the sand block.

In our blind survey, the parents on our review team priced this between $15 and $20. As a group, they felt that the limited life of the original toy, without purchasing a separate sand block, was a little bit limited. With an actual retail price of $20, I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig is certainly priced fairly.

An absolute original! Outside of science class none of our children had ever had a chance to channel their inner archaeologist. With sturdy, “real” tools, and a cool reward for the digging, the group really loved this toy!

Overall the review team, parents and children, really had fun playing with I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig. It is educational, it is fun, and it is a chance to get your hands dirty while playing – what more could you ask for! Yes, after you complete the initial dig, you’ll need to purchase extra sand blocks, but your kids are truly only limited by their imaginations as their is a whole world out there to explore! Definitely fairly priced, definitely eye-catching, and definitely fun! Our review team digs I Dig Bugs Arachno Dig!

Manufacturer: Action Toys, Inc.
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $20.00
On the Web: www.actiontoysinc.com
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