New Jammies Snuggly PJ’s and Footie Rompers

New Jammies are 100% certified organic cotton infant wear and children’s sleepwear. The pajamas are available in colorful prints and some collections include educational keepsake storybooks. The fruits and vegetables collection intends to help children recognize the food that are good for them to eat. This collection includes fruits and veggies such as bananas, carrots and peas.

Ahhh…kids PJ’s! It doesn’t get any easier than that right? Well, you’d be surprised at just how opinionated our review team can get! Well…actually if you’ve read any of our other reviews, you know how opinionated they can get! The good news here is they absolutely loved New Jammies! Our parents complained about some pajamas saying that they are difficult to get their little ones in and out of. Not these – they are soft, snug, and easy to put them on and take them off. Easy as can be!

Some parents on our review team expressed some strong attitudes on the durability of organic products. Well, we’re not sure what they walked into our review thinking, but we certainly know they were happy after wearing, staining, and washing! Yes, New Jammies are made of 100% certified organic cotton, and our review team was happy to discover that these were totally machine washable – and came out just as soft and clean as when they took them out of the package!

Seriously? This isn’t even a fair question. Put the little love of your life in these PJ’s and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about! They are 100%, absolutely, positively adorable! Little bananas, strawberries, peas in a pod – so cute!

Constructed of 100% organic cotton doesn’t just make New Jammies durable and easy to clean – it makes them cool and comfortable to wear. Our review team found that their little ones were just as comfortable wearing these to bed as they were playing in them in the morning. Very, very nice.

So…if there’s one issue our parents always have, it is when they find a product they really love that they just feel is priced too high. And unfortunately, this is one of them! Our review team admitted that when it came to PJ’s they like to have a lot of inexpensive pieces due to the accident issue. With average retail prices between $28 and $35 our frugal reviewers felt this was just too expensive for their tastes. Now…they did all admit that if money was no object, these would be the first PJ’s they would buy. But unfortunately money is an issue for too many people to earn more than two stars here.

Very cute, very original. There are tons of PJ’s out there – and plenty of organic products to boot – but these are just soooo cute! Absolutely original designs!

A product has to be special to overcome such a low rating in the cost efficiency category – and New Jammies are very special! They are adorable, durable, super comfy and fun! The pricing is definitely out of the range of a lot of our parents on the review team, and we’re certain a lot of the parents that will read this review. But, if you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on PJ’s you won’t feel the slightest bit disappointed with these! One look at your little one in these adorable PJ’s and you’ll be hooked! We were!

Manufacturer: New Jammies
Recommended Age: Birth to 6 years
Retail Price: Snuggly PJ's - $35, Footie Romper - $28
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