Itsy Bitsy Hearts Infant Onesies & Child Tees

Itsy Bitsy Hearts 100% organic cotton onesies and tees are intended to provide infants and children with unique style while giving back to kids in need. The line (at review time) contains 14 jeweled designs, featuring positive messages for kids including three adoption themed designs. The designs are hand pressed in the USA. In addition, 20% of the profits are donated to the Heart Gallery of America to help foster children find families.

Like most clothing – not too hard to use! Infant onesies are standard with three snaps. Care instructions are fairly easy – gentle wash and tumble dry (although our moms recommended turning them inside out to help prolong the life of the stones).

Dependent on how rough your child is, Itsy Bitsy Hearts’ product appears to be quite durable. First, as noted in Ease of Use, the clothing is machine washable, therefore increasing its durability in our reviewers minds. In addition, the stones seem to be pressed on well – our reviewers washed the product and found no loss of stones. Testing provided by Itsy Bitsy Hearts shows that stones are unlikely to fall off even after 20 machine washes – which is a pretty good sign that they’ll be around for a while!

Super duper cute – the only thing cuter may be the baby or child you put them in! The stones are unique, giving the clothing an individual look. In addition, our reviewers loved the sayings on each – all in different fonts providing an original look for each piece. Along with being cute, the fabric is also quite soft, giving Itsy Bitsy Hearts some extra props in this category.

As clothing, these products are fully functional. For sure, one purpose of this line would be as a gift for any child who has recently been adopted – our reviewers weren’t aware of much else out there that could specifically fit this bill. However, overall, no extra bells and whistles when it comes to functionality, so our reviewers didn’t see it fit to give the clothing top ratings, but in the realm of children’s apparel, the onesies and shirts are well-designed.

About double what our reviewers would want to spend per onesie or tee shirt for their little one; however, Itsy Bitsy Hearts does give back through the Heart Gallery of America in an effort to help foster children find “Forever Families”. So, after some discussion, our reviewers agreed, while the clothing may be expensive, if you’d like to feel good about a purchase – this is one that won’t disappoint.

Unique onesies and tee shirts are popping up all over the place. There’s something a little different about Itsy Bitsy Hearts product – starting with the concern for society and the adoption of children. In addition, the applied stones are of a different variety than the average shimmering stone giving Itsy Bitsy Hearts four stars in the Originality category.

Very nice kids clothing with fun and unique messages! Our reviewers loved the softness of the fabric and the intricate designs. A little expensive, but worth it if you’re looking to make a donation or need the perfect gift for an adopted child!

Manufacturer: Itsy Bitsy Hearts, LLC
Recommended Age: Birth to size 8
Retail Price: $28.00
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