Bloco Foam Building Set




Bloco is a construction toy that uses high-density foam designed in unique shapes with specialized plastic connectors. Pieces link together and rotate at any angle. Children can build flat models or stack the pieces to create 3D creatures. Each set includes step-by-step instructions on how to build illustrated designs, or children can use their imagination and invent their own creatures.

Many sets are available, including, but not limited to, the following:
Lizards and Chameleons (Ages 5 – 10): 144 foam pieces, 38 connectors, 10 plastic caps and one instruction sheet with directions to create a chameleon, frilled lizard, gecko, flying dragon, basilisk, and small chameleon

Birds of Prey (Ages 6 – 12): 225 foam pieces, 45 plastic connectors, 10 plastic caps, one instruction sheet with directions for creation of bald eagle, great horned owl, baby vulture, monkey-eating eagle, white owl and vulture

Horses and Unicorns (Ages 6 – 12): CHECK PIECES ON BOX, one instruction sheet with directions for horse, filly, rocking horse, decorative filly and unicorn.

For all sets listed, three of the models can be built simultaneously. The product is manufactured in Canada.

With each of these sets the first thing our review team noticed is this – there are lots and lots and lots of pieces! Some large, some small – but definitely lots! Each Bloco set includes step by step directions on how to build all of their animals, but that doesn’t mean it is exactly easy to do! The younger kids on our review team struggled a bit sticking to the plans, but many of the older kids were able to follow the directions. The pieces fit together well, so there is no concern there, it’s more a matter of how skillful little ones are (or become) at putting together these type of toys. Challenging and fun!

All pieces themselves are extremely well made – there’s just a lot of them (did we mention that yet?)! With that in mind, the younger kids on our review team had a little difficulty keeping track of all of them. There’s no real cause for concern with durability, just more of a worry about lost pieces!

“Whoa – these are awesome!” said one of our reviewers! All of Bloco’s animals really look super fun and super cool. Their designs are bright, colorful and detailed. Not a single member of the review team was able to keep their hands off of the Bloco toys – they really invite you in with a great look! Well done!

Functional?! You bet! Bloco toys are packed with functionality! The directions guide you through the process of creating specific animals with each set. But some of the kids on our review team were happiest when they were able to mix and max and create new species of animals all on their own. The possibilities quickly became endless!

With a retail price between $20 and $35 Bloco toys do tend to fall on the expensive side, but in this case the review team really felt that you get what you pay for. There are tons of pieces with each set, directions to create specific animals and the ability to create all on your own. With that in mind our parents priced these right around $20-$25 in a blind survey – but not too far off of actual retail.

There are other toys out there where you have lots of little pieces you have to fit together to create different animals, but there is just something about Bloco that keeps them original. The designs of the animals are unique, the colors are bright and fun, and the building process is challenging and entertaining. Add that all up and even though there may be similar toys out there, Bloco is definitely still an original!

With an average right between 4 and 5 stars, we turned to our review team to break the tie – and they were happy to go in the 5 star direction! It came down to one thing – the kids really liked playing with these toys. Building the different animals and following the directions held their attention for so much longer than a lot of the parents expected. And then the opportunity to build their own animal designs was a hit too! All in all, our parents and our kids really enjoyed creating with Bloco – and that’s what counts most!

Manufacturer: Bloco Toys Inc.
Recommended Age: 5 to 12 years
Retail Price: $21.90 - $34.50
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