Pecoware Eco Snoopers Activity Kit

Eco Snoopers are an ecology-themed, green-based line of backpacks, plush toys and arts and crafts accessories. The arts and crafts sets are available in multiple designs including (but not limited to) an Eco Snoopers Travel Along Activity Set and a DIY Pop-Up Card Greeting Set. The Travel Along Activity Set includes a book with more than 70 activities pages, safety scissors, six non-toxic crayons, glue and three gemstones. The Pop-Up Card Greeting Set includes ten greeting cards and envelopes, message stickers, diecut accessories, dimensional stickers, glue and googly eyes.

Eco Snoopers have a cartoon quality, are symmetrically askew and contain a patchwork of patterns and fabrics. The Pecoware Company has worked to ensure the Eco Snoopers line is an environmentally friendly line of products. Inks, paper and fabrics have been reviewed and research was conducted on various types of recyclable materials.

No problem getting the Carry Along Activity Set ready to go – package is easy to open and activities are well explained. The only issue our reviewers had is that it’s a bit difficult to do some of the activities with a crayon; while it’s probably safer to have only crayons included, it does create an added challenge. The DIY Pop-Up Card Greeting Set is a little more difficult to open and our reviewers would have liked to been able to put the leftover supplies back in the box (they ended up cutting it open, so there was no way to re-use) – otherwise, the do-it-yourself part is pretty self-explanatory (there are directions included as to how to make the cards become “Pop Ups”).

The entire review team agreed that the Eco Snoopers Carry Along Activity Set is very well made. Its hard cover and spiral binding help make this a durable book. The safety scissors are a great addition to the package – and appear that they will be around long after the Activity Set is completed. The DIY Pop-Up Card Greeting Set is also very well made – the cards are of fairly heavy stock. The only minimal complaint – the glue – it’s a bit runny making you believe that it really won’t stick – but, no worries, it really does work!

One of the strongest assets of Pecoware’s Eco Snoopers line is the look. The awkwardly shaped characters are fun and cute, helping to create a great looking product. The Activity Set is inviting partly due to its bright cover – even though the pages are white and brown (and some green here and there), the cover gives it some pizzazz. And – although the pages are not in multiple colors – the characters give each page life and energy. The DIY Pop-Up Greeting Cards are visually appealing as well – some already have Pop-Ups and are of heavier stock (ready for immediate use if you want). The add-ons are fun – from a tiny cherry and bird, to googly eyes, kids were able to make extremely unique cards – all visually appealing.

The Eco Snoopers have multiple functions – our review team tried to spit out a quick list of what they could see off-hand. First, are the lessons provided by the Activity Set – they’re fun and engaging, but also extremely educational. The Activity Set therefore combines arts and crafts with learning (while being portable), making it a particularly functional item. The Greeting Cards are slightly less functional – however, still do provide a unique arts and crafts project.

Here’s a bang for your buck! Our panel agreed, the Eco Snoopers Carry Along Activity Set is well worth the $12 price tag – this book should last quite a while with the vast number of activities included – some being quick to complete, others taking a while. The Greeting Cards are also well-priced, when you break it down – it’s only about 50 cents per card – you can’t really beat that!

Pecoware’s Eco Snoopers are quite unique – we can’t deny that! As for the Activity Set and DIY Pop-Up Greeting Card Set, Pecoware has also differentiated them from other sets available. The lessons provided by the Activity Set should help foster a lifetime love for being “green”. The Greeting Card Set is really just for fun – with the one-of-a-kind Eco Snoopers incorporated in.

Applause for the Eco Snoopers! Our review team gave a puzzled look when the products first came out of the box – “Who are those guys?!” was the first question asked. But after some playtime, everyone agreed – these are cute, “green” characters that provide a foundation to fun and engaging learning. The review team’s favorite was the Activity Set, with the Greeting Cards coming in a close second!

Travel Book - $12.00, Pop Up Card Book - $9.99 - $11.00
Manufacturer: Pecoware Company
Recommended Age: 5 - 12 years
Retail Price: Travel Book - $12.00, Pop Up Card Book - $9.99 - $11.00
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