Sock Ons Sock Holders for Baby Product Review

Sock Ons are small garments worn over baby’s sock to ‘lock’ it firmly, but gently, into place. When baby tries to pull their socks off from their toes, the Sock Ons are intended to keep them where they belong – on baby’s foot. Sock Ons are available in multiple colors including baby pink, baby blue, and white. Sock Ons will also be available in Sneaker Print.

Just pull them off the cardboard they come on and slip them on baby’s feet. Not too difficult to get on once you get the hang of it! In addition, what makes them so easy is the fact that they keep you from having to continuously pull up or find little socks all the time – so not only are they easy to use, they make baby much easier to use too!

From a washability standpoint – Sock Ons are washable with like colors – so very easy to keep clean. Our reviewers felt that they could even easily hand wash them because they’re quite small and don’t seem like they’d take much time to air dry. On the other hand, our panel knows how many socks they go through – losing one here, the washing machine eating one there. Sock Ons are tiny – no doubt some will end up lost. Our moms were clear that they’d have to have a special place on the changing table or caddy to keep them so not to lose them while their baby doesn’t have socks on at all!

Our reviewers were a little torn on this one. Some were partial to the new wave of socks available that look like shoes – placing Sock Ons on top of these socks would likely ruin the look of the sock. On the other hand, reviewers who were used to using plain socks felt these would give their baby’s feet a new, unique look.

Obviously, this invention was created with functionality on the forefront. Keep your baby’s socks on! If losing socks irritates you, this is the product to solve the problem. Based on the purpose of Sock Ons, our panel agreed that it by all means does exactly what it intends to do – keep socks on little feet.

Just a little more expensive than our panel guessed at $5 a pair. Our panel agreed, however, that it’s a perfect price point for an add on to a diaper cake or attached to the top of a baby shower gift – unique enough to be able to demand an extra dollar or two.

This is truly one of those inventions that our reviewers looked at and said “why didn’t I think of that”. While simplistic, reviewers agreed they are 100% original.

Perfect for those parents who just can’t keep socks on their kids feet! While not for everyone (some socks just fit some feet better than others!), these ingenious little pieces of fabric will lock socks into place and decrease the aggravation felt when socks are continuously lost. Our panel loves the idea of giving Sock Ons as a shower gift or adding them to a diaper cake!

Manufacturer: Sock Ons USA
Recommended Age: 0 to 9 months
Retail Price: $5.99 - $6.99
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