Sage Creek Organics Certified Organic Clothing

Sage Creek Organics is a company that provides soft, luxurious clothing for children. Products are certified organic by Eco Cert. The pure organic cotton is made with earth friendly dyes and grown without the use of chemicals. Additionally, the clothing is allergen free. The cotton, colors, snaps and zippers have been tested (by Eco Cert) to ensure the absence of contaminants such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals. The cotton is sourced in India and products are also manufactured in India.

Sage Creek Organics provides multiple varieties of clothing for children from onesies for babies to outfits for toddlers and young kids.

Cut off the tags and wear (our panel prefers a first time wash before wearing for the littlest ones). Nothing difficult about any of the clothing. We actually had one of our young male reviewers have an “accident” while playing just before the day’s review session so one of our moms quickly dressed him in a Sage Creek Organics outfit for the afternoon – and he loved it!

Easily washable and even softer after the first washing – these clothes appear to be made to last. In addition to the clothing’s durability, our panel was happy to hear that the clothing was sure to be free of any contaminants – while this doesn’t directly affect the Durability rating, our reviewers were happy to see that clothing existed for kids that could be made well all the way around.

Cute, cute, cute! While the clothes are “green”, they don’t exude the “green” look. It was refreshing for our panel that organic clothing can be just as cute as other non-organic brands. And not only does it look cute, it looks soft and comfortable against our kids skin!

In the realm of clothing, Sage Creek Organics is fully functional. It’s no joke when the company states that their product is “luxurious” because that’s the word some of our reviewers stated when trying to describe the products. They look great on the kids, they’re eco-friendly and they provide soft, comfortable outfits for our children.

Our reviewers are waiting for the day that they can obtain amazing items at inexpensive prices. We can’t say that our panel was shocked by the Sage Creek Organics pricing, however, when it comes to efficiency, they felt it is all dependant on the buyer. While we love organic clothing for kids, we’re also realistic in the fact that they outgrow clothing fairly quickly as well as like to get messy (especially our boys!). If you’ve got the extra dough to spend on some high quality clothing, our reviewers agreed you couldn’t go wrong with the many choices from Sage Creek Organics.

Organic clothing is by no means new – we’re seeing more and more of it every day (which isn’t a bad thing!). With that in mind, Sage Creek Organics is helping bring a more mainstream look to the organic clothing world – and, for this purpose, our reviewers felt they are somewhat unique.

Our adult reviewers wanted the clothing in their size – enough said! Overall, Sage Creek Organics has a great product for our kids or as gifts for others. While the price tag may be a little out of reach for some, in the category of organic clothing, Sage Creek Organics is surely top notch.

Manufacturer: Sage Creek Organics
Recommended Age: 0 - 6 years
Retail Price: $10.00 - $50.00
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