Squeakers and Popular Breed Lil’ Snugglers (Sold Separately)

Douglas Squeakers and Lil’ Snugglers are baby cuddle toys intended for children birth and up. Squeakers, containing as the name suggests, an internal squeaker, are 7″ long with embroidered features and coordinated piping. They are available in a variety of animals styles such as Pink Horse, Blue Dog, Spot Horse, and Yellow Giraffe.

Popular Breed Lil’ Snugglers are 13″ square toys available in five breeds – Golden Retriever, Beagle, Pointer, Yellow Lab and Dalmatian. Each Popular Breed Lil’ Snuggler is baby-friendly featuring satin edging, “paws” in the corners and a tail, embroidered eyes and crinkles in the paws.

Both Squeakers and Lil’ Snugglers are machine washable and made from all new materials. 

Hand a Squeaker or a Lil’ Snuggler over to a child and they’ll know exactly what to do. Our review team was happy to report back that many of their little ones hugged, chewed, slobbered on, and cuddled with theirs. Some even squeaked a Squeaker! Are these adorable toys easy to use? Absolutely!

Did we mention that the children on our review team hugged, chewed, slobbered on and cuddled with their Squeakers and Lil’ Snugglers? Well – they did. And what was great was that the parents on our review team were happy to report back that all were 100% machine washable and held up to the worst their little ones could throw at them.

Well…cute, adorable, precious, and awwwww….those were just some of the things that our parents reported back to us when they laid eyes a Squeaker of a Lil’ Snuggler. It doesn’t get better than that.

Both the Squeaker and Lil’ Snuggler are absolutely adorable and sure to grab the attention of little ones. And yes, the Squeaker squeaks. And the Lil’ Snuggler is perfect for, well, snuggling. Plus the Lil’ Snuggler has knotted, soft satin paws, perfect for grabbing. Our parents reported back that both toys performed exactly as expected – and while they had no extra bells and whistles – that was just fine nonetheless.

The Squeaker is the smaller of the two, and as such, certainly more affordable. The Lil’ Snuggler is a little bit larger and does cost a bit more. All in all our parents felt both were fairly priced. In our blind survey, Squeakers came in right in their retail range of $8. And while the Lil’ Snuggler did come in towards the top end of the survey it was well in our parent’s range of $15. When it comes to well made toys for infants our parents thought these were both priced well.

Baby toys are baby toys are baby toys – right? Wrong! However, well made baby toys are in a category of their own. When it comes to well made baby toys Squeakers and Lil’ Snugglers fit right in. And as such, our review team went on record as saying they loved these toys – they just weren’t overly original.

Both the Squeakers and Lil’ Snugglers are really wonderful baby toys. They were both met extremely well by our review teams. They are well made, absolutely adorable and certainly a hit with the little ones. Add in that they are priced right and we have two winners waiting for the babies in your life!

Manufacturer: Douglas Company
Recommended Age: Birth to 2 years
Retail Price: Squeaker - $8.00
Lil' Snugglers - $15.00
On the Web: www.douglastoys.com
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