TAGGIES Smile Camera

TAGGIES Smile Camera is a soft, colorful infant camera containing Taggies’ patented loop ribbons. This camera intends to encourage “digital” exploration by creating a shutter noise with the push of a button and a clicking sound at the spin of the mirrored lens. There is also room for a photo to be inserted on the back and a locking link to allow the TAGGIES Smile Camera to be taken along wherever you go.
The TAGGIES Smile Camera is made of Polyester Fibers and EVA Foam and it can be surface washed.

Play right away! As parents have time or desire, they can cut a family (or other) picture and slide it in the pouch for baby to have something to look at. The little button for the camera clicking sound is tough for little hands at first, but once they get the hang of it…click, click, click, click.

Wipe clean on the surface – but no machine washing may leave this little favorite a little messy. With the many tags, teething and sucking on it is a given – so, a true wash would be nice. Of course, our panel was clear to point out, Durability will depend much on the child that is using it as well as how much use it gets.

Bright colors and Taggies’ signature tags all around the mirrored lens give this little camera an inviting and interesting look. Our reviewers did note, you can increase (or decrease!) its visual appeal based on the photo you chose to include. The TAGGIES Smile Camera is a winner in this category!

Our panel agreed – this is a super baby toy. First, it is easy to either use at home or take along with its locking link. Next, the clicking sound and turning lens create interesting, manipulative things for baby to do with the toy – would our panel call it “digital” exploration – probably not in that its a little more like an old-school camera with manual focus and shutter sound – but they agreed that they don’t really care – it’s super-cute anyway! One more item of mention was the ability to include a family or favorite photo, a unique and fun addition to an already functional item.

The review team was fairly close on guessing this one – with all its function they expected a signification price tag. At $16 it was only a couple dollars more than their guess – leaving them pleased to know there are some new, good quality toys out there for babies that won’t break the bank.

Our panel listed many items that make the TAGGIES Smile Camera truly unique. Starting with the original tags to the ability to insert a picture, this is one different baby toy. Our panel wasn’t familiar with any soft camera that could be used for those so young – as their interest in cameras arrives quite early with the constant clicking that the digital age has brought us.

Click, click, click – we’re still hearing it! Could you tell our panel loved it? TAGGIES Smile Camera doesn’t disappoint – it has more features than the average take-along baby toy and it’s priced right. Great new gift on the market for little ones, especially those already interested in mom or dad’s camera!

Manufacturer: Taggies, Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 months and up
Retail Price: $16.00
On the Web: www.taggies.com
Buy It Here: