TAGGIES Peek-A-Boo Blanket

TAGGIES Peek-A-Boo Blankets feature Taggies’ stitched characters coming to life with their two-dimensional plush faces “peeking” over the front and character details on the back. Peek-A-Boos are intended to mimic real animals with their detail and design elements. Like other Taggies products, the Peek-A-Boo Blankets include their patented tags around the edges.
Taggies Peek-A-Boos are made of satins, soft boa, appliqués, and embroidery. It is recommended to wash before first use, and machine wash warm separately/tumble dry low. The Peek-A-Boos are available in three animals: Rub-A-Cub the Bear, Rubbina the Giraffe and Buddy the Dog – each with Taggies signature tags. The blankets measure to 14″ x 14″.

Our panel wanted to give it top ratings here – however, first time use takes a little work. The instructions recommend washing first – which would make sense since your little ones mouth will likely be all over it! That being said, once it is washed and ready for your baby, you’re good to go – nothing difficult about using a blanket!

Reviewers agreed that washability is the most important factor in this category for the Peek-A-Boo Blanket – it’s washable, so no worries there! Our panel’s only thought – this blanket really will be well-loved, and, with time, the tags will eventually fray. Discussion ensued – is that a good or bad thing? The more well-used it becomes, the more likely your baby will be attached to it; and, there are much worse things your child could be attached to!

So bright and colorful! Overall, our panel loved all of the detail surrounding the Peek-A-Boo Blanket. In particular our team reviewed Rub-a-Dub the Bear – both parents and kids were attracted to him as well as the vivid tags that surround the blanket. Visual Appeal is by far one of the strongest selling points of the Peek-A-Boo Blanket!

As a blanket, it provides more color and interest than the average, everyday blanket; however at 14″ x 14″ it may not be large enough to be used as a blanket for very long. Increasing the functionality is the added tags, helping provide comfort and promote visual stimulation.

At $32, the Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blanket is about $7 more than our panel guess – in coming up with an estimated price the panel took into account the significant amount of detail in both the tags and the appliquéd character. This is no cheapo, flimsy blanket – it’s obvious that there’s fine workmanship that has gone into it.

Taggies are super-original in themselves, so it would be hard to give anything less that top ratings in this category. We all know that there’s many baby blankets out there, but Taggies has added a new twist with the Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blanket. Our reviewers had never seen another one like it out there, and if you have, it’s probably an imitator!

Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blankets are a unique item and for sure a great baby gift. So colorful, cute and cuddly, our team loved to place them on and around their babies. Visual Appeal and Originality are definitely its strongest points – a bit pricy, but maybe worth it for a baby you love!

Manufacturer: Taggies, Inc.
Recommended Age: All ages
Retail Price: $32.00
On the Web: www.taggies.com
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