Greg Bennett MB200PK Electric Guitar Package

The Greg Bennett Design MB200PK Electric Guitar Package includes the Malibu model MB2 guitar which has a double cutaway, sculpted body, maple bolt on neck, flame maple top, rosewood fingerboard, Grover tuners and a vintage bridge.

In addition to the guitar, the complete package includes the following:
Gig bag
20 watt amplifier
Electronic tuner
Extra set of strings
Chord chart
Guitar cable

For those about to rock – we salute you! And with this killer guitar kit you’re teen has everything they need to begin the journey to rock stardom. So…if your definition of “Ease of Use” includes everything you need is includes (like some of our reviewers) – then you’ve got five stars here. However, if your definition of “Ease of Use” includes something you can learn and enjoy right out of the package (like some of our reviewers) – then you’ve got something considerably lower here. This package is awesome – and it does include everything you need to start to play – except the skill and dedication. The DVD had our reviewers well on their way to learning, but it was going to be a long road from here. With that in mind the team split and came up with a solid three stars.

Heavy, durable construction is what our review team was happy to report back. And unlike an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar can take a little more of a beating and still sound awesome. The strings too are a bit more durable and ready to handle the abuse (learning process) they’ll be put through. Sure, the review team commented that the teen needs to be ready to treat the guitar with respect, but it doesn’t need kid gloves either. Hey, this is rock and roll after all!

If you try hard and think back to what the look must have been on Jimi Hendrix’s face the first time he laid eyes on a guitar. Think about the bright eyes that lit up for Keith Richards or Eric Clapton. If you think the look on our review teams’ faces was any different you’d be sorely mistaken. There is just something about an electric guitar that is standing by ready to knock the socks off of anyone interested in playing – and this kit is no different. Love at first sight!

Some of the parents of our review team were happy to step in and handle this one. Those first days, weeks and what they anticipated to be months of early electric guitar play can be, well, a bit painful on the ears. As opposed to an acoustic guitar, a note strummed incorrectly on an electric guitar can sound painful. However, when parents started to hear the improvement even a little practice provided they were encouraged. And encouraged enough to be reminded that even the best guitarists have to begin somewhere. It’s going to take time for a teen to learn how to make music that sounds like music – but once they do – skies the limit. And for our parents that had a little more faith, and a whole lot of love for music, this was more than enough to earn five stars.

This electric guitar package includes everything your child needs to get started – including lessons on the DVD. But make no mistake – this is an expensive kit. Priced just under $500, some of our parents did feel that this price tag was too much to pay for a beginner. On the other hand, learning guitar is a commitment. And to learn electric guitar there are some prices that must be paid – and that includes the guitar itself, an amp and lessons of some sort. Add those costs up and compare them to this package and we’re talking a pretty close comparison. Even so – some parents were still too turned off by the high entry price to rate this higher that two stars.

We are starting to see a few electric guitar packages on the market that include everything – so the review team wasn’t willing to call this 100% original. It does stand out in the quality with which this guitar is made, the quality of the amp and the definitely involved lessons DVD. Put that all together and this package rates well in our “Originality” category.

So – if you’ve got a kid serious about learning to play electric guitar – this is the perfect kit. With the guitar itself and all the accessories they need – including an amp and lesson DVD – with enough practice (and earplugs for you – not included), your teen will have all of the tools to rock out. Yes, it carries a high price tag, but remember, you get what you pay for. And what you pay for here is a well made guitar and a well thought out beginner’s package. Rock on!

Manufacturer: Samick Music Corp.
Recommended Age: 12 years +
Retail Price: $549.00
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