Pacipalz are soft, stuffed plush animals that hold a pacifier or bottle. They are machine washable and dryable. When babies outgrow pacifiers, Pacipalz can be used for a teething ring or Velcro can be clipped off and it becomes a stand alone stuffed animal. Pacipalz intend to help keep from dropped and dirty pacifiers and to help lend an extra hand.

Pacipalz with Ivory Pouch comes with blue or pink Scruffy Dog along with a Gerber BPA Free pacifier. The Pacipalz in Baby Bottle Bank includes the Scruffy Dog that comes along with a BPA Free Gerber pacifier, an eight ounce baby bottle, baby keys rattle and a 15″ clear baby bottle bank with blue or pink top (all items are packaged inside the bank).

The company’s motto is “Love-me, Hug-me, Snuggle-me – Pacifier your Baby will love!”

Let’s start with this – giving as a gift, it’s super-easy! The bank bottle comes pre-wrapped in cellophane, so all you really need to do is add a card. As for babies actually using Pacipalz – we didn’t see too much of a problem – just pop the pacifier in and you’re good to go. Our only issue was that we felt the animal was a little big for our smallest babies; otherwise, quite easy to use.

Give our panel something machine washable and dryable and they’re happy! This is the case with Pacipalz so our review team was quite pleased. Additionally, the pacifier can very easily be removed for sanitizing as necessary.

Our team was a little torn here. First, they commented that they Pacipalz themselves are quite visually appealing (and very soft too!). Where the question came into play was with the bank – while overall it is quite nice, the other items inside the bank appear decorative, but not what our panel wanted to call visually appealing – very likely just a matter of preference, but they didn’t really want the company’s sticker across the side of the bottle inside the packaging.

Are you ready for a double addiction? Both a pacifier and a stuffed toy! Joking aside, our panel felt that Pacipalz does exactly what it intends – reduces the pacifier drops and aids in bottle holding as needed. Also, packaged well for gift giving it provides and additional level of functionality.

The team guessed a $20 price point, so at just a few dollars more its still a great gift idea. Our review team also discussed that we all pay a price for convenience – both the convenience of less pacifier drops and an easy gift to give are wrapped up in one here!

Extremely! We’ve seen pacifier clips, but Pacipalz adds a new dimension. Our reviewers who were working on weaning from pacifiers felt this may be that answer – of course, you’d have to realize this far in advance – so you may want to start early! Our thought process – disconnect the pacifier, give the stuffed dog and just maybe your child will still feel the comfort even though no sucking action takes place!

Need a unique shower gift at a fairly low price point? Here’s the perfect idea! Our panel agreed it doesn’t seem like an item that a new mom would necessarily purchase, but it’s just right to give as a gift when you need a little something.

Manufacturer: Maddi & Company
Recommended Age: Birth to 2 years
Retail Price: $19.95
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