WowWee Alive Cub

WowWee Alive Cubs are life-like, huggable baby animals that feature plush bodies and animated facial and vocal expressions triggered by users’ touch. Complete with adoption papers ready for signing, these companions are interactive playmates offering the realistic experience of caring for a baby animal. Responding to their owner’s affection via two touch sensors, the WowWee Alive Cub responses include yelps, growls and mews, moving lips and blinking eyes. Scratching or petting the cub’s head or back will trigger him to purr. Tilt sensors also enable the cubs to react when they’re repeatedly turned over.

Inside the WowWee Alive Cub belly is a battery compartment and power switch. Using the power switch located on the cub’s right ear, the cub’s volume can be toggled between low and high. If a cub is left unattended for five minutes he will enter Sleep Mode, during which he will purr or snore for an additional five minutes before powering down to conserve batteries. A gentle touch to the head, back, or ears will awaken the WowWee Alive Cub from its slumber.

WowWee Alive is available as a Lion Cub, Panda Cub, Polar Bear Cub, and White Tiger Cub. The WowWee Alive Cub package includes the necessary four “AA” batteries.

Power the Alive Cub on and the fun begins! Our Moms and Dads had no problem activating and interacting with this adorable lion. It was best for parents to be the one to turn him on and to switch the volume higher or lower. Simple petting has this little cub reacting in an incredibly lifelike way. WowWee’s Alive Cub couldn’t be any easier for kids of all ages to enjoy!

The Alive Cub is made for children ages three and up to play with, but our parents were sure to issue lots of warnings when it comes to little ones and this toy. After several days worth of use our parents of children who treated the Lion Cub a little rougher started to notice a bit of breakdown in the movements. On the other hand, our parents who noted that their children were extra extra careful (meaning no throwing or dropping) had no problems with any malfunctions. To us that means if you have a child that respects and cares for their toys, Alive Cub is perfect, but if your child tends to be a little rougher on toys beware of possible breakdown.

Five stars just aren’t enough! The Lion Cub is absolutely adorable, and absolutely looks real! Some of our parents thought this was the perfect pet – lifelike and fun, but kids weren’t responsible for feeding or cleaning up messes! Overall our parents, and especially their kids, didn’t think this little cub could look any morel lifelike without being the real thing!

WowWee’s Alive Cub really is as close to the real thing as you are going to get without a visit to the zoo. It purrs, it snores, it yelps and growls, its lips move and its eyes blink. The children who interacted with the Alive Club were amazed at how life-like this little robot really is – and they were all quite certain your kids would be amazed too!

So…how much would you pay for an animated, automated, incredibly life-like baby lion cub? When you put it in those terms, parents and kids alike absolutely overestimated the cost of this toy. Most of our quotes came in right around $100. When we let them in that this little guy actually costs $59.00 they were all really impressed. On the other hand, a $60 toy is a bit out of the range for many parents, so we still have to rate it as a little expensive.

How many other life-like robotic lions do you see at the toy stores? Exactly…there aren’t any other than this one…and if they’re out there they certainly aren’t as incredible as WowWee’s Alive Cub. This is a true original!

WowWee’s Alive Cub is one toy that parents and children are both amazed by. When properly cared for, this robotic little lion will provide hours of fun for your family. Alive Cub is packed with movement and is easy for virtually every age child to play with. A true original, that in the scheme of things is more than fairly priced! Our review team was happy to award this adorable little cub with all five stars!

Manufacturer: WowWee
Recommended Age: 3 years +
Retail Price: $59.00
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