Erbaorganics Value Pack

The Erbaorganics Value Pack is a full-size, packaged set of three organic baby products including a four ounce tube of baby lotion, four ounce bottle of baby body oil and a four ounce tube of diaper cream. All products are made with organic ingredients and the box is made with FSC paper and printed on with vegetable inks. Highlights of the three products included are the following:

Baby Lotion: Organic aloe base forms the foundation for this moisturizing baby lotion. Organic coconut oil helps skin absorb the lotion, locking in beneficial nutrients while protecting skin against harsh elements. Organic shea butter and organic coconut oil also nourish the skin with vitamins A, E and F. Organic chamomile combines with organic lavender to ease the discomfort of dry or irritated skin. Organic mandarin and natural anti-oxidant properties of organic rosemary extract provide freshness for the creamy blend.

Baby Body Oil: Organic calendula acts as a soothing moisturizer, nourishing the skin throughout the day while chamomile’s gentle calming properties help to relax and comfort. Also can be used for cleansing around the diaper area, as the rich organic oils can create a moisture barrier against irritation.

Diaper Cream: Organic beeswax and zinc create a protective barrier that stays in place after initial application. Organic shea butter moisturizes and rejuvenates sensitive skin. If skin is already inflamed, healing echinacea, nurturing organic calendula and anti-inflammatory organic lavender are in place to ease discomfort.
15% of gross sales on WWO products is donated to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Extremely easy! Pull the container out of the box, take off the protective seal and you’re ready to go. Nothing troublesome here.

It’s apparent the Erbaorganics Value Pack was made with durability in mind. Throw the lotion and diaper cream in your diaper bag and off you go. Tops screw on tight so our reviewers weren’t concerned with possible accidents in the bag.

Simply put – cute packaging with an organic feel. Our reviewers felt the packaging (notably, organic
packaging), provided the necessary information and a nice looking set for gift giving. As for the lotion, diaper cream and oil itself – nothing out of the ordinary here.

Here’s where there was a wide range of opinions – very much dependant on your personal taste (or, should we say, smell). The scents are somewhat strong for baby products in some of our panel’s opinion – with exceptional note to the lavender in the baby lotion. Additionally, the Erbaorganics baby oil reminded a couple of our moms of a shampoo they had previously used (and loved). So, bottom line, read the ingredients – if you’re partial to any of the scents, these creams and oils will be for you. As for what this category is really all about – Functionality – our reviewers were sure there would be significant purpose for the diaper cream; and, dependant again on personal preference, the lotion and oil could be utilized should you chose to put on your baby (or yourself). Our panel also made special note that a donation made to Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) gave this product an additional feel-good credit in the Functionality category.

Even though this is a Value Pack, our cost-conscious panel was once again reminded by a price tag that being “green” doesn’t come cheap. It was agreed that the packaging does create a good gift set – and could be purchased for an organic products lover.

We all know there are other organic creams and oils out there similar to Erbaorganics; however, our reviewers thought the Value Pack brought some originality to the table. In addition, the panel felt the strength in the scents provided a unique characteristic to these products – many times organic turns into “scent-free” – and Erbaorganics offers something different in the category.

Overall the Moms who reviewed this Value Pack really did like it. Between the environmentally aware nature of the product line and the quality with which it performed, most were extremely positive about Erbaorganics. The only negatives that came into play were the price and some of our Moms didn’t care for the scent. Bottom line – Erbaorganics performs well, and if the scent is something you can like and the price is within your range, this set comes highly recommended!

Manufacturer: Erbaorganics
Recommended Age: Birth +
Retail Price: $32.99
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