ERGObaby HandsFree System Organic & Standard


ERGObaby is a mom-invented line of babywearing products designed to ensure comfort, safety and easy for parent and baby. From infancy (with infant insert) to toddler, the ERGObaby system is intended to meet babywearing needs in the front, back or hip position. The design enables moms and dads to be hands free while wearing/carrying their child. Multiple carriers and accessories are available from ERGObaby including, but not limited to, the following

  • ERGObaby carrier: With ergonomic design that supports a correct sitting position for baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth, the carrier may be worn in front, back and hip position. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed for even weight distribution for mom and dad’s comfort. Also included is a sleeping hood that adjusts in length to baby’s growth.


  • ERGObaby sport carrier: Made with dads in mind, the ERGObaby sport carrier provides similar conveniences of the ERGObaby carrier


  • ERGObaby backpack: Designed as a day pack, the backpack attaches to the carrier for an all-in-one baby carrier and day pack. The backback is a component of ERGObaby’s HandsFree System.


  • ERGObaby front pouch: Velcro attaches the pouch around the waist belt when the carrier is worn on the front, back or hip. A shoulder strap is included so that personals can be carried even when you are not using the baby carrier. The front pouch is a component of ERGObaby’s HandsFree System.


  • ERGObaby products are available in multiple colors as well as in environmentally friendly Organic fabrics.

Our panel agreed that most babywearing Moms and Dads know there is a learning curve when it comes to any new babywearing contraption – and the ERGObaby carrier is no different. That being said, once you get it, you get it! In addition to just trying to figure it out on your own or with pictures, the ERGObaby carrier also includes an informational and instructional DVD to get you started – we watched it, tried it and then watched it one more time – and were all able to go from there.

Our team was extremely pleased with the apparent durability of the ERGObaby carrier, along with the accessories (backpack and front pouch) that we had the opportunity to review. Speaking of the accessories – these make the ERGObaby carrier that much more durable – you can add on the front pouch and backpack and have everything you need to head out of the house with your little one. Stitching seems tight on all pieces, and, are machine washable – definitely a plus! Also, while flipping through the brochures we had on hands, a couple Moms noticed “sucking pads” – after giggling for a minute and reading through the product description – these appear to be a great, durable addition to the system – allowing babies to safely gnaw away at the straps, while allowing parents to just remove the sucking pads and wash separately – we just love the idea!

First words were “So much cuter than many of the others!” – which really sums it up. Our panel particularly liked the appliqué on the organic carrier – and, while very “green”, the Organic ERGObaby carrier is not what our panel would consider “hippyish”. In discussions, our Moms were quick to point out that while comfort is probably most important when it comes to a carrier, Visual Appeal is a very close second – for many, their carrier was like a jacket – something worn every day for many months – so, it’s important to note that the ERGObaby carrier is worthy of being worn every day.

Wow! Super-duper functional! Starting with the available infant insert accessory, the ERGObaby carrier can be used from early on in your baby’s life all the way until forty pounds! On top of that, you can use the carrier three ways – front, back or hip – eliminating the need to have three different carriers for these purposes. Our team was familiar with a couple carriers that provide a couple options, but none that offer all three. Lastly, and maybe most exciting was the ability to lay a sleeping baby down out of the carrier without waking! Any tired mom or dad knows that at times they’d pay any price for this feature!

Come on – you didn’t expect all this awesomeness to come cheap, did you? Our panel didn’t either, but they did guess a price slightly below the actual retail price – so, we couldn’t quite give the ERGObaby carrier highest marks here. That being said, our reviewers were quick to point out that this would be the only carrier you’d need – so, you’d be close to even from a price perspective.

Baby carriers and baby wearing devices are not unheard of; however, the ERGObaby carrier definitely makes its mark with its ability to function as a front, back or hip carrier. Also, our reviewers continued to point out the quality – something remarkable that must be noted even in the Originality category (we’ve seen some poorly made stuff!).

Talk about baby fever – reviewers in the room that didn’t have little ones were wishing they did just to hold that baby close in this super-cute and super-effective carrier! Babywearing is a lifestyle and the ERGObaby carrier truly provides a lifetime carrier for a child. Kudos from our review team – we love it!


Manufacturer: ERGObaby
Recommended Age: Birth to 40 lbs.
Retail Price: Standard - $165.00, Organic - $200.00
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